Friday, May 2, 2014

April in Review

Ugh...this year is moving by too fast. But hopefully (HOPEFULLY) we will get some warmer temps soon. Honestly...


Running Miles: 86.01
Swim Distance: 1,750 yards (2 swim days)
Crossfit Days: 0 (I haven't signed up for any more)
Strength Training/Cross Training Days: 6
# of Workout Days this month: 19 (63.3%)

Running: My running mileage was great with a total mileage of 86.01 for March.  I'm doing the 1,000 miles per year challenge and the average you would have to run per month to acheive that goal is 83.33.  I was desperately behind due to the crappy (running technical term) weather the first few months of the year. But every month was more than the first and so I'm happy to at least make the 83+ goal this month.  I'm not too worried if I don't make the 1,000 mile challenge but it's fun to work towards something.  I think one reason I got the 83+ miles this month was due to helping out at the Ultra (where I ran 14+ miles) and at the IL Marathon in Champaign where I logged 11 miles.  Plus, I had the half marathon in Las Vegas for another 13.1.  Not sure what May is going to hold for me...I need to train for my triathlon in June so you might see a few more bike/run bricks instead of huge long running miles.

Swim Distance:  My goal was to swim at least 4 days in the month of May, which isn't even a ton!  But alas, as with the other few months, I only logged 2 swim days. Some how the month just gets away from me and it's easier to put shoes on and run out your front door, then heading the 10 mins to the gym... I guess... No excuse really.

Crossfit: I haven't resigned up for any crossfit sessions. I really liked it but I don't know. It's easy to get out of a routine, I guess. I'm thinking of signing up for one month of Pure Barre though.

Strength Training/Cross Training: This category includes all things not running. So biking, swimming, walking, ab work, etc.  The month I did a bit more biking than usual, a few bike trainer workouts and a few outdoor ones as well. I have a triathlon to prepare for in a month so I need to get out there as much as this weather will allow. 

# of Workout days this month: It seems to be a trend. Every month that contained 30 or 31 days, I miss 11 days of working out. So I tend to stay around the 63-64% of working out for the month.  I'm mostly ok with that. My body likes it's rest days and frankly, I do too. It's hard getting home after 6:00 p.m., working out and not getting home until about 8:00 p.m., still have to eat dinner and shower. Before you know it, it's time for bed. But I really haven't gotten into the habit of waking up early to get my run in before work. What can I say...I like my sleep.

Weight Loss - I did horrible with eating for about 2 weeks surrounding my vacation. I haven't been to my weight watchers meeting in a few weeks.  I plan to go Saturday.  I've been a bit better with the eating thing this week and stepped on the scale yesterday for a preview, and I'm only up about 1 pound.  Hopefully that's the case when I weigh in on Saturday.  Then it's time to buckle down again. I still have about 20 pounds to lose!

So...I'm running the First Midwest Half Marathon (aka the Palos Half) on Sunday. This came up at the last minute for me (Wednesday).  It's a very local half in the Southwest Suburbs.  My dad asked if I had any upcoming races so when I told him I was running this, he asked if I was in half marathon shape.  Um... excuse me!  lol.  I did a half in March and a half in April and I've been trying to keep my long run mileage at around 10 miles more or less so I'm ready to do half marathons whenever I want!  So yes, I was a bit offended and taken aback by this statement (because I'm weird, not because he meant anything by it).  I also have a half marathon in June, July and August so I have to stay in half marathon shape. Of course, I'm not in PR shape but I'm trying to inch back towards it.  My PR is 2:03.  My half in March was 2:13.  My goal at the Palos Half will be to try to get under 2:10.
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 In other news, my friends ran the Illinois Marathon (which I briefly mentioned above).  It was much hotter and sunnier than they would have liked but really, they all did a great job!!  I did help Jill from about miles 17.5 to 24. Then I went back to help out Amanda with the last 3 miles of the marathon. 

Half Marathoners, Marathoners, and helpers at the Illinois Marathon
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  1. Anonymous5/03/2014

    yay! You had a fun and busy month!!

  2. Nice monthly mileage! Hope the Palos Half went well. :)