Wednesday, March 12, 2014

These Boots are made for Walkin'

I was cleaning my living room over the weekend. That alone is cause for celebration. And I had about a million shoes laying near my living room door... 2 different winter boots, about 12,000 pair of running shoes, sandals (that makes sense), etc.  I put in the closet everything I didn't need (both pairs of boots, the trail running shoes). And put the rest on the shoe shelf thingy near the door, including the sandals because we should be needing those soon, right?

I should have known not to put the boots away.  After all, the news has been predicting that Chicago was going to get anywhere from 2" to 13,685" of snow last night, with the South and Southwest getting the most (great, that's where I live...although I was still thinking Indiana and further South was going to be much worse).  Everything has been covered in tons of snow for months and it was finally all melting...mostly all gone. Except for last night. Where I live, we got approximately 5-6" of snow. Doable. But not fun. Not fun because it's the middle of March. not fun because it's been snowing consistently since the beginning of December. Not fun because it was 50 degrees on Monday (and Tuesday but it felt colder). Not fun because I have a half marathon to run on Saturday. Although it is supposed to be 47 degrees on Friday so I'm hoping it all melts.

I didn't take any photos of the beautiful, heavy, wet, icy, snow this morning. But my facebook friends did. I'm going to steal a few of their photos (I'm hoping they don't sue me)!  ... Ok I checked with them all before stealing the photos. I'm such a goody-goody...

I know. It IS beautiful. Sigh... Is it spring yet?


  1. Anonymous3/13/2014

    I have never owned snow boots as an adult, but I bought some a few weeks ago, and so I thought it would definitely warm up, (since i have been putting it off, hoping I wouldn't need them, and of course it would warm up right when you are prepared for cold right?? ) but haven't been that lucky, hopefully soon!

    1. I bought snow boots when I lived in an apartment bc it was never shoveled or salted and I would slip and fall all the time. The boots helped me from slipping a bit.

  2. It's funny Amanda when I wore my boots to work the other day I looked down and thought "I shouldn't be wearing boots in March!" Gah. Let's hope we get back up to 50 tomorrow!