Thursday, February 20, 2014

Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday!

1. It's my parent's 37th wedding anniversary today.  Makes me think if I'll ever be married 37 years!  I have to get married first and I'm already 35!  But I had a good example in what a marriage is by looking at my parents and all the good and bad times.  I still see all the love they have for each other, even when times are tough. 

My parents at their wedding shower
My parents at a wedding in 2009
 2. I joined weight watchers again. For those that don't know my past story, I originally joined WW in may 2007 and ended up losing 90 lbs and hitting my goal weight in June 2010.  I had decided that time to join and go to meetings hoping it would help me stay on track (and it did).  Since "falling off the wagon" a bit and gaining back 30 lbs, I've tried joining WW online twice. I've also tried free apps such as Lose It and My Fitness Pal.  All the tools work great but it never keeps me accountable long term.  What I have found that works for me is money.  And spending money every month to go to the WW meetings keeps me accountable.  So I signed up to go back to the meetings.  I think it's been especially hard to stay on track because there is a constant spread of food at my work, including Donut Wednesday!  Here are a few pictures from this week where we had food Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week.  Updated: We also have food for Thursday because it's someone's birthday.  And know you know why I need Weight Watchers! Ha!
Um...not sure why I can't flip this. I did on the saved photo. Sorry!
The donuts were mostly gone before they even made it to the table this week,
which never happens but made it easier for me to resist!
Thursday birthday celebration - don't let the carrots fool you.  I only grabbed 1 cookie.
I'm avoiding the rest (although this is on the way to the bathroom)

So, wish me luck!  Need to get back down to a more healthy weight. It will help me run better, I'll feel better, and I will feel better about the way I look. 

3. I had been going to Crossfit for 1 month since I had a groupon.  The month is over but yesterday we had a special workout for a marine that was killed on 2/19/05.  Some of us pre-ordered shirts and also made donations.  A friend of his created a workout in his memory called "Superman".  And it was!

All the numbers in the workout meant something, which made me feel a bit better because when I saw 21 pull ups for 5 rounds, I just about fell over. 

2 rope climbs and 19 back squats because he died on 2/19
20 Sit ups and 5 rounds because he died in 2005
21 pull ups because he was 21 years old
(Can't remember what the 15 represents!  Darn!)

And of course they let us modify it.  We had 40 minutes to complete it which is way more than enough time.  I did it in 28:23 (but I did go to the bathroom in the middle, lol).

The rope climbs you can do from a seated position on the group and pull yourself to a standing position, and back down.

The back squats I did with about 53 lbs. But it was almost 100 squats when all was said and done!  Wow! 

I did jumping pull ups for my modification because I'm afraid of dislocating my shoulder getting out of the bands.  The other modification is using a band around your foot connected to the bar which helps you get up.  I've done this before but one wrong move getting out and I'll dislocate my shoulder and since we were doing so many and I played it a bit safe since I would be getting tired out and just did jumping pull ups.
My Crossfit Group - showing the muscles!


  1. Good luck with Weight Watchers. I know I have packed on some unnecessary weight over the winter because I am not running and did not change my caloric intake. When I do get better, it would be easier on my joints (i.e. ankle) if I wasn't slamming an extra 10 or 15 pounds on it! :)

    1. Yes my body and my running is not liking the extra weight again. Hard to think I was running with still an additional 60 lbs on me before!

  2. I feel your pain with regards to the office always having lots of treats sitting out for people to help themselves! It can be really hard to bypass them when you have to walk by them all day long. And I haven't mentioned it much on my own blog, but I've been a member of Weight Watchers since last July. It has definitely helped me be much more conscious of what I am eating! I agree that going to the meetings in person makes a huge difference versus just using the online point counters. The meetings really hold you more accountable!

    1. Oh you are?? I didn't realize? Any good recipes you can throw my way?