Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Committed!

Last November after I ran the Lakefront Ultra 50k, I was out eating with Derek and told him I was never running anything more than a half marathon distance ever again.  To prove that point, I told him to "please slap me if I do!"  He didn't believe me and asked to get that on video, so I repeated it while he recorded me.

Of course, hearing my friends talk about their marathons always makes me get that "marathon itch".  But I know there is a lot I need to improve, including dropping a few (or 30) pounds so I'm don't have to carry around all that weight when I'm running. It's better for my health too... not just running. lol.  I mean, you can see where my priorities are!

So I decided that I would just focus on weight and also getting my running feet back under me.  I've been training for half marathons and it's weird when you struggle during a 10 mile run after you have done all these marathons!  But that's how it is.  You have to get used to this stuff again.

And after thinking about it for a while and considering several fall marathons, I have decided to run the Grand Rapids Marathon in Michigan on October 19th.  And I registered for it yesterday!  Yay!  I swear I just wanted to jump up and start training right that minute (but I was at work, and training doesn't start until June).  Anyway...

It actually took me a while to finally hit the confirmation button on the page.  Nerves and fear creep in!  But I took the plunge and did it!

My confirmation email

When Derek finds out, he will happily "slap" me!  Although he is not the abusive type so I suspect it will be a playful one... maybe. 

I've actually been to the Grand Rapids Marathon twice, just never to run it on my own.  I helped my good friend Kelly run it in 2011 (my very brief recap).  I saw a few miles in the middle and helped out the last 5-ish miles at the end.  Then in 2012, I helped my friend Becky run the last 6 miles of the half marathon.  I guess it's now my turn to take part in the event! 

After Kelly ran the Grand Rapids Marathon
I'm really excited for this marathon!  I also would LOVE to PR this marathon.  Which is why I'm not planning on going crazy like last year (when I signed up for 3 marathons within 6 weeks of each other).  I'm planning on this being my only marathon this year.  My goal right now to prepare is to lose weight and get stronger.  I'm trying to incorporate some strength training into my routine and I've already joined Weight Watchers.  I'm feeling pretty good right now! 

Have you done the Grand Rapids Marathon?  What were your thoughts on it?  If you haven't...maybe you will join me this year!


  1. Anonymous2/27/2014

    Yay! Can't wait! I am hoping to run too!

  2. The Grand Rapids Marathon is amazing! I'm so glad you're going to run this event!

  3. Very cool! Looking forward to reading about your training!

  4. Exciting! I've heard nothing but good things about this race, and the FAQs on the website are hilarious. Good luck!

  5. I can't imagine running more than a 10k - but so excited for you! Will we ever get a break with this weather??!!