Wednesday, October 9, 2013

One Down...Two To Go!

Thanks for the kind comments on my Fox Valley Marathon Recap.  I wonder how things went so wrong with that one.  I know some of it was definitely physical and there isn't a whole lot that I can do about that but listen to my body. 

But some of that was mental.  When I contemplated walking the last 8 miles because I was sore and tired.  When I broke down in tears and hyperventilated about mile 13.5.  I mean...I used to be tough.  I used to look at these marathons head on and conquer!  A little pain?  No big deal! I won't die!  That's how I was the first marathon.  Even the 3rd marathon (the 2nd marathon was rough and we won't talk about that).  I've always been able to put my "game face" on and deal with it.  My long runs, my short runs, good days, bad days. 

Now I feel like a big baby.  I'm not sure what happened this year with my running.  I can venture a guess and say that all my injuries in February with my shoulder definitely made me take a step back.  I never quite recovered to the pace and level I was at in December and January.  Gaining weight, losing all affects my running too. 

But frankly, I'm kind of tired of being a baby.  I'm tired of feeling so weak mentally.  Someone isn't there to push me, I give up.  I mean, really I don't give up entirely as I always finish.  But I walk more.  I cry more.  Ugh.  I can't even stand me anymore!

Right now, my goals are "easy".  Finish my next two marathons.  Just survive and try to get through it as happy as I can.  I've been taking running very easy.  I've been trying to let the top of my foot recover (although it's still just a tad sore at times).  My back definitely feels better, it rarely hurts ever, just a rare occasion I know it's still there.  I guess I'll just bandage up my blister toe and hope that stays manageable.

What's still on my agenda for this year?
- Chicago Marathon on October 13, 2013
- Chicago Lakefront 50k on November 2, 2013

I'm not sure who to blame for me signing up for these.  I guess I can only blame myself.  To tell you the truth, I'm actually scared to run the Chicago Marathon (even though I've run it twice before).  I don't want to feel the pain and misery that I felt at Fox Valley.  In fact, thinking about it now, makes me want to start crying!  (See!  I'm a big baby!)

But once again, I will pull those big girl panties on and put my game face on and tackle this next challenge.  I'm not going for time at all.  I decided to do Chicago as a training run for the 50k. 

When you are using marathons as training know you are officially crazy!

I'm not running under my name, however, so you can't track me there.  I'm running under Amy Flaherty from New Lenox (if you want to track me).  Yes, I'd like to do better than Fox Valley.  Yes, I'd like to get under 5:00 hours even!  But if I don't get under 5:00 hours, I'm ok with that.  I just don't want to hyperventilate at 13.5 miles again (or at all).  That's my goal!

How do you "suck it up" when you just want to quit?  Any words of advice or tips?

Plus, look what I made (and Derek helped with)!  I wanted to frame my marathon bibs and medals.  With the exception of the Illinois Marathon (can't locate my bib right now), they are all done and I love them!  I bought enough frames for the next two...(and one more...just in case).


  1. Good luck on Sunday! Wow, a 50k also in a few weeks? I like the bib frames. Very cool.

    1. Yeah Pete, I signed up for the 50k (because I'm crazy) and knew I needed another long run of maybe 18 miles around this time. So I thought I would run the whole thing and get a medal. Even if I walked the last five miles, it's not under my name! lol.

  2. Good luck on Sunday! As for sucking it up .... I just try to remind myself what I trained for, and that I don't want to quit until I'm proud.