Thursday, August 22, 2013


I believe I ran my first sprint triathlon almost 3 weeks ago!  I also believe I just did something REALLY crazy (yesterday).  Where are my blog posts about it, you may be asking??  My work is just really crazy and so is life with training for a marathon(s)...I haven't had time to blog lately! I'm so sorry and thanks to everyone that responded on my last post that I may not have replied to! 

I hope to have my triathlon recap up within the next...maybe...4 days (??)...  And maybe a post about the crazy thing that I did (that some of my run group friends already know about). 

Until then, bear with me and I try to figure out this crazy thing I call life!  Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I for one love that you are too busy to blog - enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hope you are doing well Amanda! :D