Thursday, August 1, 2013

July in Review

Figured I better get right to my "July in Review" before it's the middle of the month, like when I did my "June in Review."


Total Run Miles: 101.65
Total Bike Miles: 48.75 miles (plus 4 spin classes)
Total Swim Distance: 0 meters

My June was so crazy busy with new acitivies but my July...not so much.  But I needed to start getting serious about marathon training so I needed to stop having fun screwing around and start logging those miles. 

I did make it over 100 miles for the month (barely).  I know I skipped some weekly runs or didn't run the full mileage some days during the week but I've tried to get much better about getting most of my runs in.  I did some speed work, some hills, and continued on with my personal training for some core and strength training workouts.  The weather was hot for a while and that made it miserable but I did notice a huge improvement in my running when the weather cooled off recently and I had to get in my 15 miler!  Felt so good. Now if that could happen on marathon day, that'd be great! 

Bike miles...these have been decreasing slightly but it's just because my running got into some serious marathon training.  I've been trying to ride on Sunday's but after my long run Saturdays...I only ride my bike between 10-13 miles and I'm spent.

Swim distance...well after I dislocated my shoulder yet AGAIN while rafting at the end of June/beginning of July, I wanted it to heal as much as it could.  I've been meaning to hop into the pool the last week or so but never managed. I wanted to "test" out my shoulder for my upcoming triathlon but, well, it's in a few days so does it really matter at this point?

That's my big news!  I have my first sprint triathlon this coming Sunday!  It's the Naperville Triathlon and I'm super excited and pretty nervous. Yes, I think I'll have a lot of fun.  Yes, I'll be cursing during the run at the end.  Ahhhh, can't wait!

Last news (yes, this is a short post, but I wanted to update you all on everything), I had a sick doggy recently. My dog lives with my parents (when I moved out, I moved to an apartment and therefore, couldn't take my dog with me. I now live in a house but have cats and my dog has remained with my parents).  My parents got home on Tuesday late afternoon and found my dog laying on the floor with vomit all over herself and in every room. She couldn't walk and my parents thought she had a stroke.  They rushed her over to the vet where I met up with them.  My dog is 14 years old and I thought this was going to be her last day.  We thought she was going to die.  In fact, I thought she would die or they would put her down before I got to the vet.  I was hysterical on the train but trying to maintain composure. 

Long story short, after tests and blood work, they said my dog most likely had Vestibular Disease, which is an inner ear problem.  Since it affects the inner ear, it causes dizziness and nausea.  They said that most people think the dog has had a stroke and the scene is usually horrific.  Luckily they said that she should get better within 2-4 weeks.  (P.S. If it wasn't that, they said a brain tumor in which case she'd get worse...we hoped for the first thing, which is what the doctors really seemed to think it was).  They gave her a lot of fluid because she was so dehydrated from vomiting (about 0.5 liters).

It was rough going and we are only on the 3rd day but she is slowly improving.  She wasn't eating for 2 days but the doctors suggested making chicken and white rice.  My mom did and she lapped that right up!  She loved it because we NEVER give her people food!  She is still stumbling and falling and dizzy but it seems to slowly be getting better.  I can't believe what a miracle that was for us and her.  I love my dog!


  1. sorry to hear about your dog! when Olive was sick and puking a lot, I got nervous thinking something was wrong with her. hope she's feeling like herself soon.

  2. Looking forward to your tri recap Amanda! Oh, poor puppers - I would have freaked out too! My boss has show dogs and feed them poached chicken and rice all the time - I guess its good for dogs?!

  3. Nice week of training, and glad your dog is feeling better!