Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Marathon Training Review

Hi everyone!

I wanted to give an "almost halfway" marathon training review for the Fox Valley Marathon on September 22.

When I was trying to create my plan, I decided to shorten the 18 week plan by 2 weeks.  Therefore, I'm pretty much using the Hal Higdon Novice plan - but a 16 week version.  As I stated before, I attempted to do the Intermediate mileage plan this time around (with a few of my own tweaks) but with the craziness that has been my weekends until now, I haven't been able to get my mileage up that far and decided to settle back on the Novice plan.  It got me through my first 3 marathons, and it will get me through this one.

Also, until now, I have been having a really hard time getting into the "marathon training" mindset.  When it's hot/humid, I'm a big baby complainer and don't want to run.  I've been feeling like running just seems hard for me this time around.  The long miles are really mentally challenging and I'm definitely having to put on my big girl panties and to get through them.  I'm managing but I feel as though by the last few miles, I'm just always struggling (more mentally than physically).  And my miles haven't gotten that far up there yet, longest run has been 12 miles.  Very soon, I'll be hitting the 16-18 miles.  I've just been feeling like maybe I shouldn't have signed up for the marathon this time.  I've been wondering why I do this to myself every year.

I will tell you, the last few weeks, I've gotten better with staying positive on my long runs.  Staying positive is always my hardest part.  I'm really my own worst enemy.  But there is no room in my head for negative thoughts when I am running these double digit miles (especially up near 16-20).  So...negative thoughts be gone!!  Who knew it was that easy?

Starting today, for some unknown reason, I'm feeling positive about my marathon and my upcoming training miles.  I have no idea why this just popped in my head during lunch today.  Maybe it's because I'm changing my scenery today for my 7 mile run and running along the Lakefront instead of the suburbs (which has great areas to run but I'm getting tired of seeing the same things).  So even though I'll be running when it's hot and humid and at about 4:30-5:45...if I can skip out early), I think the scenery change will be good for me.  I did come prepared.  I brought my fuel belt (which I never wear) and a visor.  I also made it known to myself that I will just get through it the best way possible.  Because if it's really hot and humid, I believe slowing your pace and/or taking a walk break is definitely allowed!

So that's my mid-marathon training review.  Short and simple. Change your mindset and the rest will follow.

And I will be at the Rock N' Roll Half this weekend running if anyone else is going to be there!  Maybe I'll see you!

One a side-note, I took an extra run rest day because I hurt my knee over the weekend.  Grrrrr (wait, I'm supposed to stay positive).  Basically my boyfriend's dog decided to push into it and I just hyper extended it.  I haven't run since and I will feel the pain when I'm walking a bit but it didn't hurt when I biked on Sunday.  So I'm hoping it won't bother me running. I'll find out today.

I've also been having a pain ... um...not sure exactly.  It might be a sciatic nerve pain?  It basically goes down my butt on the right side to my upper leg/hamstring. My hamstring is fine.  I've been trying to stretch it a little more.  Again, this doesn't hurt when I run but will hurt when I stop cycling and stand up or right now at my desk while I'm sitting.  It seems to be slightly better than about a week ago, so I'm hoping the stretching will help a bit.

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