Thursday, July 11, 2013

June In Review

Yeah, I know. It's the middle of July.  What can I say, before I knew it, it was July 4th!  Now, July 11th!  I can't keep up with life.


Total Run Miles: 79.15
Total Bike Miles: 59.08 miles (0 spin classes)
Total Swim Distance: no measurable swim distance. Did participate in a swim clinic and swam around Lake Michigan for an hour. Not sure how I never made it to the pool.

June was so busy for me as far as activity went.  I had Ragnar in the beginning, which was all kinds of fun...and all kinds of exhausting.

I participated in my first duathlon (the Tinley Park Race Around the World Duathlon).  If you read my post, you will recall it was more challenging than I anticipated.  Whether that be from the weather or just not being used to do that type of activity together, I'm not 100% sure, probably a combo of both).  It was a fun one to do though as it's local and not super competitive.

I had the Short Run on a Long Day 5k which I tried my first ever attempt at pacing a friend!  Success! 

I participated in an open water swim clinic (after running 1.5 miles to the beach in a wetsuit).  This was fun and I learned a lot.


I started back up on personal training, although I'm only going 1 time a week right now due to cost.  I figure 1 time per week is better than 0!  I went back to my old personal trainer, Mike.  He now works for himself (instead of the gym I used to go to).  He gave me the old rate I used to have, which was a pretty awesome rate.  I love him and his training, he pushes me because he knows I can do it.  And he's a runner and trains me in a way that helps with my running.

Lastly, I started my MARATHON TRAINING.  With all these activities going on, I took the beginning of my training schedule kind of lenient.  I still tried to get all the miles in.  Originally I was attempting to do the Intermediate mileage schedule instead of the Novice mileage I always do, but the mileage increased quickly and I didn't feel as though I was "there" yet.  Instead of risking injury, I have decided (yesterday) that I would move back to the novice mileage.  After looking at my training, I realized I'm right in line with those novice miles.  And I don't want to try to play "catch-up" in marathon training, it will not work!

Seriously, could my June have been any more fun???  Look at all the new things I tried! 

Ok...maybe all of this activity is why I never made it to the pool at the gym!  My mileage started creeping back into the "normal for me" range this month too.  Without marathon training, I typically do about 70 miles.  Now that I'm marathon training, that number will definitely increase a bit.


  1. What a fun month! Hopefully we'll see each other at the Rock n Roll Half?

    1. Yes Maggie!! I would love to meet up for the half!!

  2. I love how active you were in the month of June! You should be so proud of yourself!

    1. Thanks Biz! I just like the "new" activity! It was a lot of fun!

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