Monday, June 3, 2013

May in Review

Wait...what!?!  It's June already???  Where is this year going?


Total Run Miles: 62.53
Total Bike Miles: 97.15 miles + 2 spin classes
Total Swim Distance: 1,550 meters (2 days)

My run miles were less this month for a few reasons.  I was taking it easy after the back to back half marathons and before I needed to start marathon training in June.  I was burnt out after the IL half and Indy half and really needed a break!  I think it helped! 

But I did my fair share of cross training!  Hello bike miles!  I got my cheapy new road bike and LOVE IT!  Love riding it.  Went on a few long 20 mile bike rides plus some additional rides here and there.  I did wipe out on my bike on the way to the train today though.  Luckily I knew I was going to wipe out and dove for the grass instead of the street.  And luckily it was on my left side and not my right side where I would be more likely to dislocate my shoulder!

Swim!!  What!?!  Yes!  I managed to make my way to the pool at the gym and did 2 short sessions of laps.  I knew my shoulder could take the short distance and didn't want to push it.  I only need to do 400 meters for my triathlon so each time I did about double (750 meters and 800 meters).  My shoulder really starts to feel it after about 20 lengths of the pool though so I'm swimming cautiously and sort of slowly for now.  Better than a big goose egg (0)! 


I have Ragnar this weekend.  I can't believe it is so soon as I've been planning this since about September!  More on this to come.

Marathon Training.  I cut out the first two weeks of my plan and just did my own thing.  I think it's good for now.  But that means, I'm supposed to start this week.  With Ragnar this weekend, it's a little screwed up so more than likely, I'm really starting the schedule next week.  I'll be running enough this weekend!

Tinley Duathlon!  My first duathlon and this one should be fun!  Run 2 miles, bike 11 miles, run 2 miles.  And in my neighborhood!  Can't beat this!  Plus the boyfriend and some other FNRC members will be doing it too!

Short run on a long day 5k - Super excited for this 5k.  Not because I'm racing it for me (I haven't been training for a 5k PR), but because I'm going to help pace a friend for a sub 30 min 5k and PR!  Love helping people out! 

That's all I have for now folks!  Work calls.  Mind is thinking about Ragnar.  So much to do! 


  1. Sorry to hear about your wipeout, but at least you landed on your good side and on the grass! Ragnar, duathlon and 5k? Sounds like a jam packed and awesome June!

    1. Yup! June is a few firsts for me!! Let's go!