Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April In Review

Bye! Bye! April!!  How'd it go for me?


Total Run Miles: 72.31
Total Bike Miles: 31.95 miles + 3 spin classes (we don't have distance on our spin bikes - sad face!)
Total Swim Distance: 0 meters

My run miles were more in line with what I would typically do on a "non-marathon" training month.  I'm happy with anything over 70 miles.

My bike miles were just 2 long outdoor bike rides on 2 Sundays!  I really enjoyed them and can't wait to do more!

My swim distance is still 0 meters due to my shoulder dislocations.  I've been afraid to get back in the pool.  But while at my half marathon last weekend, I went in the pool at the hotel and tried a few laps and my shoulder felt A-Ok!!  Now I need a new bathing suit (since I lost/left mine at the gym in January) and I'm going to try a few laps here and there. I may just start out with 10-15 minutes.  I don't want to do too much too fast.  But I'm really excited to start swimming again!

I also do other things every once in a while.  I've tried a step class at the gym (I used to do these all the time at my old gym).  It was really hard on my knees and the class was just ok so I probably won't go back.  Yesterday, I went to a pilates class and a few weeks ago, I did my home pilates video.

My goals for May?  Well...I am going to try this weekend for that sub-2 hour half marathon once again.  I vowed while running last weekend at the half, that I was never (EVER) going to try again!  But I was grumpy, hot, dehydrated, and tired.  I'm over it.  Try, try again!

My other goal?  I need to work my core more.  I blame not doing things because of my shoulder but there are many things I can do that I don't need my shoulders for!  And I can do planks and pushups, I just can't do many of it right now.  But it's actually part of my rehab exercises.  I just haven't been doing them.  But a stronger core will make for a better runner.

One problem I'm having...I'm a heal striker most times when I'm running.  I've tried changing it but I am not really aware if I'm doing it when I'm running (or when I get tired).  I also don't want to just slam my foot down if I'm trying to hit mid foot.  Any tips or advice for running form?  I'd like to be more efficient in my running.


  1. I've heard that somewhere around 90% of runners are heel strikers, including myself. I am just trying not to over-stride, which I think causes a lot of my injuries. Keeping my feet underneath my body is what I am now striving for. Anyway, good luck at the Mini Marathon this weekend! Hopefully the weather will be somewhat cool. It's a great race.

  2. I'm a heel-striker too, and I heard that the running form workshop at Fleet Feet Old Town was really good. I've been meaning to check it out!

  3. Hope your race went well this weekend! Finally getting some nice weather!!

  4. Yay for some swimming!