Friday, April 19, 2013

Runner Blogger Survey Link-Up

Since I'm having a hard time writing my own blog posts this week in light of the tragedy at Boston (I have my Quarryman race recap partially started but I couldn't finish), I thought I would participate in the Runner Blogger Survey Link-Up that Kelly the Culinarian is doing!  You just answer these questions on your blog and do a link up to them on her post! (I had to ask her for help, I'm an incompetent blogger...)

1. Best Run Ever

This is a hard one.  There are so many runs that I had a great time running, or got a best time with lots of hard work, etc.  BUT...I have to go with my 2011 Chicago Marathon.  It was my very first marathon.  I ran some of it with people but I ran more than half of it alone (most of the second half).  And everyone knows that's the hardest part!!  Even though it is hard to run a marathon, I was in god running shape, had my game face on, and lots of determination!  I finished and was so proud of myself.  Not having a running background (or much of an athletic background), it showed me you can do anything you set your mind to.  And the key is to have fun!  Always!  Otherwise, what's the point?

Reminding myself to smile at every mile
Having fun and looking good at Mile 23!
2. Three Words that Describe My Running

Challenging, Accomplishment, Therapeutic

I'm not a natural runner so even running 1 mile feels like a challenge for me sometimes.  But I run because I love the feeling I get knowing I am doing something I never thought I could do.  Plus, when you are having an awful day, running helps me clear my mind and relieves my stress.

3. My Go-To Running Outfit

I don't really have one.  I'm not a fashionable runner.  I go for function over fashion.  I don't have a lot of money to spend on the cutest and best gear either. I'm not thin so not everything fits me properly.  I run in whatever is the most comfortable and provides the least amount of chafing (not looking forward to greasing myself up for the summer months).  My body temperature heats up fast so I really try not to over dress but still dress warm enough for those cold winter months.  I'll wear pants and long sleeves/running jackets in the winter, capris and t-shirts with arm sleeves for the 50 degree cool weather, and shorts and tanks for those hot summer months.

4. Quirky Habits While Running

I'm not sure if they are quirky...  I am a slightly heavy breather while running (which I've tried stopping to no avail).  I also run with my thumbs pointed upward and an open grip on my hands.  That's about all I've got.

5.  Morning, Mid-day, or Evening

I typically run in the evening after work during the week.  Which means during the winter months, I tend to look like this...

On Saturday's, I tend to run early morning with my training group or other various run friends for my longer runs.

6. I Won’t Run Outside When It’s

Icy or Lightening.  I pretty much run in whatever weather gets thrown at me within reason.  I've run in the rain, snow, 100 degree temps, 5 degree temps.  I absolutely hate running on the treadmill and try to avoid it at all costs.  I try to be careful in the extreme weather...if it's 100 degrees, I might run/walk and keep water with me.  If it's under 20 degrees, I make sure I've got the extra layers on.  In both cases, I would try to stay close to home or make sure I'm running with people in case there is a problem.  If it's icy or lightening out, that's a good reason to take my workout indoors.  My thoughts never know what weather will get thrown at you on race day, especially in Chicago, so I train in it all.

7. Worst Injury – And How I Got Over It

I'm still working on it.  My worst injury was... my shoulder dislocations in July 2012, and twice in February 2013 (Dislocation Recap #1, Dislocation #2, Dislocation #3).  Ironically enough, it happened the first time while running (on a trail and tripping/falling directly onto my shoulder...and face).  It was fun.  It's not an easy injury to recover from and you're not really ever recovered.  My main goal is to not dislocate it again for as long as I possibly can.  Hence, I'm more careful with everything I'm doing right now.   I'm a "repeat dislocater" and have a 99% chance of dislocating it again.  If I do something... I go all in!

Dislocation #1 - before pain meds and dealing with the pain for about 3 hours...there were a few tears and I was alone.
Still Dislocation #1 - Dad was there for support, had some pain meds and they were about to put me out to fix shoulder

Dislocation #3 - (no picture of #2) - I never knew dislocating your shoulder was such serious business! IV's, Oxygen!
 8. I Felt Most Like a Badass Runner When

Another hard one!  Even though I "pretend" to be a bad ass runner...

Sporting my Bad Ass socks during the F^3 Half Marathon in January
...I don't really consider myself one.  Maybe that's my problem?  I think it's because I struggle so much with it sometimes.  But I would say it was pretty "bad ass" (or stupid ass) run the 2012 Rock N' Roll Half Marathon 1.5 weeks after dislocating my shoulder the first time.  I run this every year because it was my first half in 2006, I run for my charity UPS for DownS, and I run for a friend who was killed on the day I ran this in 2008.  I really struggled with the decision to run so soon after dislocating my shoulder, but with the clearance from my doctor (he's a runner), I decided to run... not run for time but to run to honor of my charity and my friend.

Before the 2012 Rock N' Roll Half with Maggie and Nicole
9.  Potential Running Goal for 2013

To PR my full marathon time.  Currently it stands at 4:44:54.  My goal is to finish in 4:30.

10. Next Race Is

The Illinois Half Marathon in Champaign on April 27th.  It's a training run for my goal half the following weekend the half marathon in Indianapolis on May 4th.


  1. I have those socks, too! I actually have two pairs and wear them all the time, like at work under boots. It's like a secret badass badge.

  2. I know, the whole Boston tragedy is just that - a tragedy. I am not a runner of long distances, but I can't imagine training for a race like that expecting it to be one of your lifetime milestones, and then for it to end the way it did.

    A friend of mine was just three blocks past the finish line when the first bomb went off. :(

    Loved reading this post Amanda! I could only hope to run as fast as you someday!