Thursday, March 7, 2013

February in Review

I actually had 3/4 of a blog post written and I just deleted the whole thing. I wrote it a couple days ago but never finished it.  I realized that it was a bunch of whining and complaining about running and my shoulder...and no one wants to read about that. Not even me!  So I realized I never did my month end report.  How'd it go??  Well, it was a rough one...

Total Run Miles: 11.66
Total Bike Miles: 27.67 plus 1 spin workout
Total Swim Distance: 2000 meters (1 swim workout)

The month started well...I was doing a February Fitness challenge that consisted of a lot of plank work and triceps.  I did a nice hill long run on February 2nd.  I did a great swim workout on February 3rd and covered my longest swim distance to date!  That's pretty much when it ended.  I dislocated my shoulder in the evening on February 3rd.  And dislocated it again exactly two weeks later on February 17th when I was gearing up to do my first run back.  It's been a pretty frustrating month for a runner and avid exerciser.  I barely did anything besides some walking, some stationary bike, 1 elliptical workout, and 1 spin workout.  Finally at the end of February, I was able to go for a run again.

From now until several months swim distance will now say 0.  I'm pretty upset about that as I love to swim and was glad I got a membership for my birthday for a gym with a pool!  I was going to do a triathlon later this year.  I wanted in the near future to do a half ironman.  All that will now be put on hold due to the swimming.  I need to make sure my shoulder is a little more stable before I can think about doing any swimming.

I did a short Thursday night run last week with my group.  I was only going to go 3 miles but the group was going 4 miles.  I thought I could try for that but that day my shoulder was incredibly sore the whole day and running didn't help it.  Half way through, I was consistently saying "Ow!"  My breathing was labored as my fitness level isn't quite where it was.  I wanted to keep going.  After saying Ow a few times, Derek told me we were going to head back.  I'm stubborn and fought it a little more.  Finally after 3.25 miles, I told him I needed to go back and cut it short of 4 miles.  I did 3.56.

Needless to say, I'm a little bit of a baby when things aren't going right.  3.56 miles used to be not so bad...relatively an easy distance to cover.  But that Thursday, I struggled the whole way. And when I got back with Derek and we were waiting for the rest of the group...I fought back some tears of frustration.  Of course I know it's ok.  That I need to start somewhere and ease back into it.  I need to not completely push myself too hard right now.  That was just my first run.  I tried to keep a sense of reality.

And on Saturday (March 2nd), I tried a "long" run...since I'm half marathon training and in my 3rd week!  Of course, I missed the first 2.5 weeks of a 12 week training program but I should be ok with that.  My plan was to do a slower long run of 5 miles (if I could).  I figured as long as I can at minimum do 4.5 miles, I would be "ok" with it.  I met Derek and Becky who are also training for half marathons.  We were going to hit the trails and I wanted to run alone...just me and my music, but the trails were too snowy and icy so we hit the streets.  Since I was unfamiliar with the area, I decided to stick with Derek and Becky.  They were doing 6 miles but I figured I could get back sooner.  We did 1.5 mile loops and near my 5, they asked if I wanted to head back.  I decided I felt well enough and I was running slow enough that I could hang for the 6 miles instead.

Saturday was definitely a slight boost in confidence for me.  Yes my miles were slow but I did more than I had intended.  My shoulder felt pretty good and really didn't bother me at all while running.

The following Monday, after a spin workout, I decided to hit the treadmill for a short speed workout. I actually HATE the treadmill but thought this would be the easiest thing to do.  My goal was to do 3 miles, with 4x400 intervals.  I actually felt good while running, I just am not a fan of the treadmill and after 2 speed intervals, I wanted to be done and stop.  I decided to squeeze one more interval out and call it a night.  My speed pace was 9:05, 8:57, 8:49.  I probably could have hung in a little longer if I kept the intervals at 9:05 but mentally, I was checked out from the treadmill.  I really just wanted to see how my shoulder felt after running "fast".  It felt good so maybe I can take a speed workout outside this week.

I also might pick back up some of my hill running and really just try to get back into the swing of things.  I've moped around long enough.  I need to get my routine back.  I'm just trying not to dislocate my shoulder again.  Everything I do (opening doors, carrying a bag, grabbing a railing), I'm worrying about how my shoulder and arm is positioned.  It's really not fun and I think I'm being a little too cautious but honestly, I just really don't want to hurt myself again.  Did I mention that it sucks only being able to really stretch one side of your body??  Try it!

I have my Thursday night run group tonight and we will once again be running on the streets instead of on the trails due to the 10 inches of snow Chicago received on Tuesday (thanks for that Mother Nature).  It's supposed to be warming up however, and I'm hoping the snow melts and the trails are ready to run come next week!

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  1. I'm sorry that it's a slow return for you. But I'm glad you had a good long run!!