Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weekend Half Marathon Plans

This weekend is the Chicago Half Marathon.  I've actually never done this half marathon.  And I'm not going to start now!  :-P

I'm taking my half to the road.  I love road trips!  And last year I decided that I should make it a rough goal to do a half (or full) marathon in every state.  So far, I'm down 2 states!  Way to go Amanda!  I've done Illinois (8 times) and I've done a half in Ohio last year (Capital City Half Marathon, read recap here).  So where am I taking my half to this weekend to check another state off the list???  Ohio!!!

Um...Houston we have a problem.  I've done this state already!  I'm pathetically bad at this "every state" goal.  Here's why.  I first did Ohio (Columbus) because my nephew lives there.  So it was an easy weekend trip and free room and board!  And I got to see my favorite person, my nephew Tony.  I also usually don't have any travel buddies.  So I'm flying solo.  And even though I like road trips...the cost to stay somewhere alone and pay for gas and all that, it's just too much for me right now!

So why did I pick Ohio again?  Because clearly there are only two states in this country!  Actually, my geography is a little rough but it's not that bad.  A few running friends that live in the Cleveland area posted on facebook about doing this upcoming half (the River Run Half Marathon).  I looked at my marathon training schedule and realized it was a "14 mile week" and so a half fit in perfectly.  And I love road trips!  And I love running friends.  And I love half marathons (um....).  And I love love!  Ok, I've lost my mind.  Anyway....

A friend posted she was doing this half marathon and since it fit in perfectly and was relatively inexpensive for a half marathon, I put this on the "maybe" list.  Then I posted on my running group's facebook page to see if anyone wanted to do it with me (and therefore carpool...split gas costs and hotel costs).  And it would make the trip double the fun!

My friend Susan said she would be interested.  Susan was the run friend I met earlier this year while I was training for the IL Marathon and she was training for the Rockford Marathon.  I ended up spectating that marathon, ended up helping an aid station, and helping Susan at the marathon (which was a miserable 90 degrees).  You can read my version of her race here.

So that sums up the story of doing a second half marathon in Ohio.  And actually, I'm probably going to do one again there at some point.  Although my nephew may move back here for then maybe not. friend Curtis is thinking of doing the Columbus Marathon next year (he is originally from do I know so many Ohioans??)...and my running trips in Columbus may not be over yet...(although I said I'm not doing a full marathon next year...I'm not doing a full marathon next year....I'm not doing a full marathon next year....repeat for 12 months).

The weather from what I've read should be nice and cool (high of 69) and lower humidity.  From the elevation's downhill.  Ok, so it may not be "downhill" but there is an overall decline in elevation from start to finish, which I like!

My weekend plans are as follows:  We are leaving SUPER early on Saturday (she's leaving about 6:30 a.m. and picking me up around 7:00 a.m.), driving approximately 5.5 hours, hitting Cleveland to do something, packet-pickup, hotel check in, possibly dinner with my Cleveland friends, not sure what else after (our hotel has an indoor maybe?).  Sunday morning will be the half marathon.  We have no plans yet for the rest of the day.  I'm sure there will be some food and some hanging out somewhere doing something.  And then leaving somewhere late afternoon is my guess.

Look for a race recap next week!

I had my 18 mile run last weekend.  All in all, I've always had a "decent" 18 mile run.  Last weekend was no exception.  That made me feel better because I started crying during my 16 mile run.  Sure my legs were sore and I was tired, but mentally I felt good.  Maybe it's because I'm always helping others mentally with their 18 mile run, which was the case last weekend when I tried helping my friend Bob out during his longest run to date, and he was struggling a bit.

The bad news about the run?  A mosquito bit my back shoulder blade on the left side.  I tried to swat it and scratch the area with my right hand...but my right shoulder was the dislocated one and I don't have the reach, therefore, couldn't reach said mosquito (or scratch the area).  I didn't ask anyone to scratch my shoulder blade for me because I was all sweaty and gross.  I tried reaching with my water bottle but that was a huge fail.  Later when I got home...I noticed the mosquito bit me 5 times all in a row.  I have 5 small mosquito bites all lined up together!  I wish a horrible death to that mosquito.


  1. Have fun in Cleveland this weekend and good luck in your half! Sorry to hear about that mosquito attack. Ouch! Hopefully, that mosquito is no longer with us. :-)

  2. I'm also trying to do some different half marathons in different states. I know I'll never hit 50 because I'll probably never end up in Alaska or Hawaii, I've already marked off Wisconsin! I think Indiana might end up being next! :)

    I'm shaking my fist at that mosquito right now! What a little jerk!

  3. That's awesome that you are doing a half this weekend!! So glad you got someone to carpool with you - sounds like a good road trip - not too far - good luck! :D

  4. How did you half go?? This week is going by fast!

    1. Sorry! I have been so busy, I haven't had time to write a race recap yet! I will try to do it today! It went well. I got a PR!!