Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I'm pretty tired the last several days so forgive me but I can't even think of a witty blog post title for today!  But since I had some things to share...I wanted to post anyway.

My dad teases me for being a runner (and being addicted to running, being a crazy runner, etc).  I know it's because he is remembering the days that he used to run in his 30's and competed in 5k's, 8k's and 10k's.  He's only 54 now but his knees and feet don't want him to run anymore.  So he secretly likes me running and loves to tease me.  In fact, he said "I bet you will get up at the butt crack of dawn and watch the Olympic Marathon!"  To which, because I'm stubborn, said, "Actually, I never watch the Olympic Marathon!" Which is actually true.  BUT....that was before I knew people that ran and this year I got invited to a Women's Olympic Marathon Breakfast Party!  Jealous??  I know you are!

I actually watched the start from home at 5:00 a.m. then drove to Kelly's house.  It was a fun time and we got to eat some delicious breakfast food!  There was also a game but I didn't win because apparently I can't read questions properly that early in the morning!  I don't drink coffee so my brain was functioning on water and champagne!  What???  You don't drink champagne at 5:00 am??  Well, you should!

Go USA! (Top L-R: Kate, Maggie, Amanda C., Me, Susan... Bottom L-R: Sara, Kelly, Nicole)
Also, I've been doing great on my eating the last 2 weeks.  I'm definitely eating better and not as much crap (like my favorite...ice cream).  I may be doing a little "too" well though and sometimes have a hard time getting all the calories I should be getting on longer run days...  I'm trying to make sure I'm eating enough good stuff (hello delicious avocado and peanut butter!...not consumed together) without using "running a marathon" as an excuse to eat crap. And that doesn't mean I didn't go out to breakfast AND dinner on Saturday...where I still had hashbrowns (breakfast) and delicious chicken fajitas for dinner!!  Mmmmm.....!!!!

I will refrain from talking about my shoulder...    :-)

ANYWAY...with the exception of today which will be in the 90's, how about the upcoming weather!!  I see some upcoming days with highs only in the upper 70's!!  My Saturday long run day of 15 miles is one of those days!  I'm hoping humidity is manageable and I can get a good run in!  It's been kind of nice that during my runs lately, I have been feeling better!  My 10 miles last weekend went pretty well.  I did struggle a bit at times but I managed to push through!  There are some killer hills on the trail I do my long runs at (at the 4 mile mark, it's all downhill...but it's a killer coming back up on the way back!).  If Kelly reads this post...she will know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!  There are about 3 brutal uphills all in a row and I thought I was going to quit and walk up the last one but I didn't and before I knew it, I was done with the hills (at least THOSE hills...there are others).

I'm also really excited for some of my friends who are training for their first half marathons or full marathons!  It's exciting to see them thrilled when they have completed their longest distance to date!  I remember thinking I could never do those distances and then I just did them!  In fact people still ask me, "how do you run 16 miles?"  And I can't really answer them!  I just say, "I don't know, I just do it."  I tell them you don't wake up one day and run 16 miles, you train to do it.  And I still wake up on a day that I have to run 16 or more miles and think, "How am I going to run 16 miles today? I don't think I can do it!"  But I get up and I just do it. Same as 10 miles or 13 miles.  I just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving until I'm done.  Can you tell, 16 miles and above must be where I start doubting my ability!  You would think after running 16+ miles as many times as I have, it would get easier!


  1. Thanks so much for coming! I hope you had fun!!

    Those hills suuuuck because you're tired and you want to be done. The positives about it, once they're done, you know it is flat and only 4 miles to the finish! I found that keeping a conversation going through the hills is really helpful. It helps keep your mind off how badly your calves are hurting. Hehe

  2. Ha! Well it's not really "flat" per se! It's better. But we are going the other way around the loop now because of construction. There is a pretty good size hill over there!! But 1 hill is better than 3! lol

    1. I saw the construction the other day and wondered how you guys were doing with that...

  3. Hurray for cooler weather! Wish there were some more hills to train on in the city...

  4. The party looked so fun! That is so cool that Kelly had a game to play too :)

    I was SHOCKED when I saw we were going to have cooler temps. Woo hoo!!!

  5. You most definitely are a runner Amanda! What a great get together too.

    We may have temps in the 70's next week - cannot wait!