Monday, July 30, 2012

Two Left Feet

This post may be a little bit of a randomness post.


Thursday is always a fun night for me as I run with the Thursday night run group with the Frankfort/New Lenox bunch (I'm co-creator of this night's group).  It's always a fun time, especially when new faces show up to join us!

I wore my "Runner by day, ninja by night" shirt.

For the Thursday runs, I have to bring my clothes to work in the morning, change at work or on the train and head straight there from the train.  When I arrived, I went to change from my sandals to my gym shoes and noticed a problem.  I had two left shoes.  (They are the same shoe and I wear them both.  I wear one as an alternating run shoe and the other is older and I wear that if I need an extra shoe for something).

I'll admit, for a split second, I thought that maybe I could run with a left shoe on my right foot.  I quickly came to the realization that that was a stupid thought.  When others started showing up, I kept telling everyone that I couldn't run because I brought 2 left shoes.  I got the same response...laughing.  I asked a few people if they had any extra shoes in their car but they didn't.  Finally Kelly showed up.  I told her I had 2 left shoes, she laughed but then said she had an extra pair.  They were size 9's.  I am a size 9.5 but in running shoes, I wear a 10.  I tried them on and even though they were a little snug, I figured they would work. I only had to run 3 miles.  I was so glad I wasn't going to have to go all the way home and then run by myself!  Thanks Kelly for the shoes!

My 2 left shoes

Wearing Kelly's shoes

Apparently, I'm not stranger to not knowing how to dress to run or workout.  The Wednesday night prior to this Thursday run, I decided to take my run downtown for a change of scenery.  When I got to the lake (about 3/4+ of a mile from my work), I noticed I had put my shirt on inside out.  I thought about stripping it off right there and switching it, who cares about all the people around, but I didn't.  It really wasn't too noticeable and I didn't care much. 

I have also been to the gym with my pants inside out.  Last year, I was personal training with Mike and near the end of the session, he asks me, "Are your pants inside out?"  When I realized they were, he just could not stop laughing and endlessly teased me about it often!  However, that must not have been embarrassing enough because when Mike left that gym and I was personal training with Jordan, she asked me one day, "Are your pants inside out?"  I couldn't believe I had done it again!  Guess I need to pay more attention when I'm dressing!  (I once went to an old job with my shirt backwards).


I already gave my race recap on the Rock N Roll Half last weekend.  I did forget to mention one thing that I found amusing (irritating at the time).  Somewhere in the second half (I think I was on Michigan Avenue), I was running...slowly.  As I was running, someone came up next to me and passed me.  It was an older guy...speed walking.  He was walking faster than I was running!  Granted he was speed walking and looked like an advanced speed walker but still.  I wanted to trip him! lol.  Talk about bruising your ego!


Back in Feb/March, I signed up for my first sprint triathlon which is on August 5th.  I have to say, I had been pretty excited about it, especially getting into June!  I just knew I would have a great time!  I love all three sports involved.  Until I dislocated my shoulder.  As soon as that happened, I was 99% sure that I could definitely not do the triathlon.  I couldn't even move my shoulder.  As my shoulder was healing...and because I'm stubborn, that percentage went down to 95%.  I was 95% sure I could not do the triathlon...but I had 5% hope that maybe I could.  As my friends are all talking about their triathlons, it's becoming increasing harder to let it slip by.  I'm disappointed that I won't be participating.  I was really looking forward to it.  So this past Sunday, I thought that maybe I could head to the fitness center pool before my month membership that I signed up for in July expired.  I thought maybe I could just see how my shoulder felt.

As I'm laying on the couch thinking about it, I realized that I'm just not that stupid.  I can't go and swim.  I can't do it right now.  When I was at the doctor, he said there is a 30-90% chance of a re-dislocation.  Yes, that's a big range.  What that tells me is that everyone is different but that my chances of re injuring it, especially this early on, is great!  And if I dislocate it again, I have a huge chance that I will need surgery.  I had to put things into perspective on Sunday and realize that although I may be able to do the triathlon (I would only be swimming for maybe 10 minutes), that's far too much to put on my shoulder (literally) right now.  I have to remember that my main focus is the marathon.  There will be other triathlons next year.  So I sucked it up and went for a 13+ mile bike ride instead.  I'm so sad...but I'll get over it.  I may be stubborn...but I'm not that stupid.


Lastly, I had a few doctor appointments on Friday and Saturday.  Friday was the appointment with the sports medicine doctor for a follow up on my shoulder.  It's healing nicely.  He was impressed with my range of motion, although still not 100% perfect, not bad at all.

Saturday, I had moved up my appointment with my chiropractor (who I love!!) so she could check out my shoulder.  She did some work on it and then helped with some all over body adjustments and did work on my calf muscle and IT band.  I really needed that because after my shoulder injury, I completely forgot about stretching my legs.  She inflicts a lot of pain for such a little lady but my body always feels so much better after seeing her.

She said (when reviewing my shoulder) that I have biceps tendinitis, which makes sense because of the pain that I have sometimes that moves down my bicep muscle.  Of course she also said I had an elevated rib and gave me some adjustments (but you know with chiropractors...something always needs adjusting anyway).  All this is obviously from the injury to my shoulder.  She did some work on it and then gave me some bicep rehab exercises and some rotator cuff strengthening exercises to do.  I have to call the physical therapy place that I was referred to so I can check out how much that would cost.  The doctor said I wouldn't need much therapy, probably no more than 3 weeks.  I would just like to go 1 or 2 times to get some exercises.  I'll have to check into it first.  With the hospital copay of $150 for the ER visit, and the doctor copays, I'm feeling a little broke!

A funny thing about the chiropractor on Saturday.  Her four year old son was there (it's a husband/wife practice).  He's been around this his whole life and you can tell when you talk to him.  So as she was about to work on my calf, she told him to help with the other one.  He was rubbing the lotion stuff on it and using his elbow like she was doing!  It was so cute!!  He found a mole on the back of my knee that I have and pointed it out to his mom.  He told her I needed surgery!  She said it was just a mole and it was ok.  He was convinced that it was a serious issue..."No mom!  Look!  Feel it!  She needs surgery!!"  I needed surgery on something else according to the four year old.  In fact, I think my whole body is broken!  Thanks kid!!


  1. If it makes you feel any better, i ran a 2:02 half in Cincy last fall and was beaten by a speed walker. Who was in her 60's.

    Speed walkers are hardcore.

    1. Um...yeah makes me feel a little better. lol :)

  2. lol. My friend does a 9ish minute mile and she was passed by a speedwalker at the Soldier Field 10 miler last year. speedy!

    1. Those speed walkers are evil...I mean, really awesome at what they do!