Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I'm still planning on doing a race recap on the 13.1 half marathon from last weekend, and I started it but haven't finished it yet.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will post it.

I just have to say, why didn't someone tell me how ridiculous I look in my new visor?? 

Why do I scowl for every run photo?  I need to learn to smile!
Also for this photo...notice the sweat!  HOT!  And it didn't help that my shirt weighed 10 pounds after dumping all the water on myself that I was!  Haha!  Which is why my shirt straps are hooked around my bra straps...to keep my shirt up (otherwise...hello cleavage!)

My visor story:  All last training season for Chicago Marathon, my pace leader kept saying, "Amanda, you need a visor!"  I'm stubborn and refuse to do things people tell me I have to do!  I don't like to "be like everyone else".  I'm also reminded of being 12 years old with a visor.  So I have refused for a year to get one.  With the heat and sun, I thought I would get one for this run. 

I'm not sure I will ever wear it again! Haha!!  I'm scarred for life!

Race Recap coming....

I've also just signed up for the Jim Gibbons 5k which is on Thursday night (yes, this Thursday).  It's for a good cause, I have to run 3 miles anyway, and I can see where my 5k pace is at right now.

And I've signed up for the Short Run on a Long Day on June 20th.  It's local and was cheap.  I never sign up for 5k's so signing up for these two ... I don't know what happened! Haha!  I'm getting tired of long runs I guess!

And I have the Warrior Dash on Saturday.  I've never done this one but have wanted to for 2 years.  I'm running it with several of the Frankfort/New Lenox Run Group so it will no doubt be a good time!  Super excited for this...like a kid in a candy store!  Haha!  (Well except the 9th obstacle which is a wall).  I'm actually terrified of the wall.  True Story!  I will attempt (and complete every obstacle) though!  I'm not a quitter!

I also bought 15 bootcamp sessions on Groupon and I may be starting those next week.  It's like personal training but it a group setting and involves circuits.  More on this after I start but I'm super excited about this too!


  1. Whoa! You have a lot of fun stuff coming up!

    Keep trying the visor out! I love having one. It keeps the sun out of my eyes and makes it so much easier to run in the rain!

    1. Yeah I normally never do! That's one reason why I wasn't going to sign up for Thursday. But I have to run 3 miles anyway that day. I haven't been "racing" because of injuries physically while training for the spring marathon and then my breathing issues due to low iron. But I'm starting to feel all better so might as well see where my pathetic 5k time is at right now! lol

    2. And yes...I "may" try the visor out again....maybe... lol