Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Long Enough?

My little blog hiatus lasted...what?  Two days?  That's long enough, right?  Well of course, I couldn't stay away too long right now.  Why?  Warrior Dash photos were posted!!

Jumping over 6 foot flames (clearly!)

A non-forced Kelly pose!  So much fun here!

Yup! Definitely 6 foot flames!  I was actually a little nervous to jump over these!  Wtf Amanda!

Posing after maybe the second obstacle with Kathy

FINALLY getting out of the mud pit. Made for a good laugh!

Laughing so hard because I embarrassed myself so much at the end infront of ALL my friends! lol

I went to the Cubs/Sox Crosstown Classic at Comisky Park (or whatever the parks name is now) last night with my family and we had SO MUCH FUN!  Especially since the Cubs won AGAIN!  Two days in a row.  It was a great game all the way through, very close score.  I wasn't counting my chickens before they were hatched though as the Cubs tend to throw the games away in the 9th!  Although trash talking with Sox fans did start in the 9th!  Who, me?  A trash talker??  Never!

2 Cubs fans and a Sox fan (my nephew Tony, my dad and me)

Cubs fans representing at Sox park!

Comisky Park

Tony, my dad and my mom. This is an exact replica of a photo taken at Yankee's Park in 2003!

8th Inning.  It was here I realized we might have a shot! Praying for a win!  True Story!

The whole gang after!  In order of height obviously!


Found Genevieve!  One of my FN Runner friends!  2 row behind me!
 Fun times!!  5k run tonight (it's a hot one out there...90's).

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  1. The best photos come from warrior dash - how can you not look like a badass when running through fire??