Thursday, March 22, 2012

Updates and New Things

I thought I would give you all an update on my injury status. As you know from my last post, I was diagnosed with a minor case of ankle tendinitis. I was told to take at least 1-1.5 weeks off of running minimum.

I took just about 1.5 weeks off. My ankle was sore for most of that first week. I was doing the exercises they gave me. By Sunday I was noticing a little improvement in the way it felt. Monday if felt pretty much fine and by Tuesday, didn’t really hurt at all. The only times it hurts is if I turned it funny (inward since that’s the side that has the tendinitis).

My 1.5 weeks off really only translated to missing 1 full week of running. It was a cutback week for marathon training and I felt if I had to miss, that was the week to do it. I did not know it was going to go from 30 degrees the last Saturday I ran to 80 degrees a few days later!

Me + 80 degrees = happy running!! Unfortunately, I could not do it. So as all my running friends were posting about their great runs (or their hot runs), I was riding my bike or swimming. One day I just got depressed and lazy and did nothing (last Tuesday, the first day I should have been running). I knew I just had to wait it out!

My plan all along was to hopefully start running again on my normal run day of Tuesday. My miles for this week were 4, 9, 5, 18. I knew I was not going to do ALL of those weekday miles. It would be too much too soon. I don’t want to hurt my ankle more. But the stubborn person in me always wants to go that extra 0.5 or 1 mile! I may not want to at first but with only 0.5 miles left in a run (especially if I was going to cut it short), I think “I can do one more mile!” or “I can do 0.5 miles!” So at first, my goal for Tuesday was to just do an easy 2 miles or so, maybe a run/walk, just to get my feet under me. When Tuesday actually got here, I thought, “I’ll just do an easy 3 miles run/walk”. Of course, I don’t listen to myself and nearing the end of the 3 mile loop I was doing (all running, no walking), I thought “Maybe I can go 4? Or 3.5? Or 4?” My running felt pretty good. My legs felt good. My stride felt good. My ankle felt good. It was my lungs that were giving me a problem! But I was supposed to take it “slow”. Needless to say, I really wasn’t. I’m not a speed runner anyway but I was still running my normal average pace. I settled on 3.5 miles as I didn’t want to injure myself. My pace was 10:06 average and I was pretty pleased with that considering I was running based off of how I was feeling.

I decided Wednesday to try another “short” run. The schedule called for 9. There was no way I was doing 9 miles. I have a lot of running coming up and I needed to ease back into it a little bit. My former CARA pace leader Jeanne told me to do another short run and if my ankle hurts, not to run again until Saturday. After she said “short”, I thought that I should just do 3 miles. But in true Amanda running fashion, when I got out there, the miles started running through my head, “maybe I can do 4 or 5, maybe 6 miles would be the most…possible 7??” I got smart right away and though there was no way I would do more than 4-5 miles. I figured I would see how that 3 mile loop would go and figure it out then. When I finished the 3 mile loop, I decided I could do at least 4.5 – 5miles. Or course then I thought maybe 6 miles but I was racing against it getting dark and I wouldn’t make the 6 and would have had to take it onto the streets. But of course the smart and logical side came through once again and I opted for 5.03 miles. With a 10:14 average pace. With a 9:44 and 9:59 split in there, I was pretty happy with the run.

Since I forgot to ice my ankle after my run on Tuesday, it was a little sore Wednesday all day. And I “felt” my ankle more during my run than the day before. I got home and did some icing! 

A regular part of my routine lately.

It's a little sore today so I've got a bandage on it.  The smart thing to do would be to skip my run tonight but it's Thursday!  That means I'm meeting my Thursday group!  I hated missing last week! I didn't want to miss again.  I decided to bring my stuff for the run tonight and figured maybe I'll just walk or run/walk.  But knowing me...I'll probably run.  I'm stubborn.

I decided to try a few new things out.  One was a headband I got at an expo.  I don't ever wear headbands. They don't stay on my head  I don't like the way I look in one.  But with the heat that we may have this summer, I thought maybe I could try it out since it would be nice to keep the hair out of my eyes and some of the sweat.  The headband I bought...maybe it's kind of ugly??  lol.  I bought it because it has hearts on it and well...I love hearts. 

Heart Headband.  Excuse the messy bathroom.
I also bought a shirt through Running Warehouse when they were having a sale in February.  It's a tank and reviews were saying they loved how light weight it was.  And it's purple. Another one of my favorite things.  When I got it, I realized it's kind of see through!  Who would make a see through running shirt for a woman?  And it's all white on the back.  See through and white?? 

Yesterday since it was 80 degrees out, I decided to try it on.  And it is a little see through but not much, so I decided to give it a go.  I also decided to try out a new fuel belt.  I got one online a month ago but when I got it (it was free through my points), I realized it was too small for my rather large child bearing size hips (that have yet to bear children but will be ready for when I do! lol)!  So I bought a new one at Marshalls for $7.  I have to say, I loved the fuel belt!!  Once I got it in the right place, it didn't move at all!!  I didn't need a fuel belt while training for the marathon last year since it was through CARA and they had regular water/gatorade stops.  But this training is unofficial and there are really no water stops.  My fuel belt will come in very handy!  The one that didn't fit?  I'm giving it to a running friend. 

So, yes. I tried 3 new things out all on the same run.  They actually all worked out very nicely.  Better to try new things on a short run than on a long run! 

The last time I ran we were dressed in layers for 30 degree weather.  Running in 80 degress in a tank top and shorts is a nice change!

Post run photos:

Can you see the see through back on this shirt?  Otherwise, it was very comfortable and light weight!  Excuse me, I'm a sweaty mess!!

Another post run photo.  I think I look weird in a headband.

This weekend I am supposed to do 18 miles.  I'm pretty adamant on doing it even if I have to finish with a run/walk.  Sunday I have the 2012 Shamrock Shuffle 8k.  Since I'm coming off a bad ankle and a 18 mile run, I'm not planning on running hard at all!  My goal for a change, to just finish!  That is new for me.  This will be my 8th time doing this run and I've always tried to PR.  There is no way I'm going to try for that at all!  My best time was 47:55 last year.  I'm not even estimating that I will break 50 minutes!  I'm just going to try to have a "fun run" for a change.


  1. Love the running photos and that headband is cute! Is it a Bondi Band? I want to try to pick up a headband or two at the SS expo this weekend.

    When it comes to running in the heat, I think that see-through or not, it is all about staying cool. Nice to know that shirt worked out! I have a feeling that having an arsenal of warm temperature clothing will come in handy this summer for sure!

    1. I'm not sure about the headband. It was $5 at the expo...I thought I got 2 but think I just bought the one to try it out and never did. I got it at the marathon expo last year and never wore it! lol

      Yeah, the shirt is pretty nice. It's Saucony too. Very light and so it will work out great I think.

    2. You should have seen my face when I got that shirt in the mail! I threw it up in the air like "WTF am I going to do with a see through shirt!!" lol. I don't like all my fat showing! lol

  2. WooooHoooo! Yay that you are back on the run. Be careful and take care of yourself. Hope to see you at the Shamrock!

    I think I look weird in headbands too.

    1. I'm planning to meet up w u before the shuffle for the photo.

  3. Glad you allowed yourself time to rest. A lot of my running shirts are see through as well. Oh well! I think I look weird in headbands also!

  4. I looked up your time on the 2012 results - you did great! Hope your ankle felt okay!

    1. Ha Biz! For the shuffle?? It wasn't by best time by far! I had done 19 miles the day before. My legs were beat!! But still not bad considering! Thanks!