Thursday, March 8, 2012

Safety Tip

Let's face is, there are a lot of stories on the news lately regarding runners that go missing or getting hit by a car.  It can be kind of scary for those of us that typically run this time of year in the dark due to our work schedule.  Luckily that may soon change because day light savings time is this weekend! 

I am definitely not one of the safest runners.  I run alone.  In the dark.  With headphones.  I wear dark clothing (with some reflective spots on it).  Can you say "recipe for disaster"?? 

I'm not going to go through all the safety precautions, just one that I never heard about before.  This following safety tip was pointed out on a facebook post for one of my run groups and it makes a lot of sense but one I never thought about and have probably been guilty of a few times.

For those that run with a garmin or other similar watch:  Many of us will post our garmin results on various social networking sites.  If you do, and you run from your home, do not start or end your garmin from your house.  Walk a little bit away from home and start/end your garmin there so others cannot see exactly where you live.

And of course, always be aware of your surroundings when running and if possible, run with a friend or your furry friends!  I don't think my cats will help me here.  And my dog (that lives with my parents)...well, she's just plain too old for this! 


  1. SERIOUSLY great tip, Amanda. Just made sure I made some account setting changes myself. Thanks.

  2. This seems like such an obvious one and yet, I watch people do this all the time! Between Dailymile and Garmin people's home and work location are all over the net!

  3. Like I said, I'm sure I'm guilty of it too!

  4. I run alone too - scary shit! But I wear a bright green jacket and hope that people see me. But when I run I use an app on my blackberry called "Take to the Streets." I hit the GPS and I "invite" my husband so he can log on and follow me - and knows when I make it back to my office. :D

    I am loving these temps!!

  5. Also, there is always the option of a Road ID bracelet so you have identification on you at all times! :) Plug for my raffle of course!