Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweets, Cupid Chase 5k & Winter Running

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  My weekend was nice as it was my birthday and so things tend to be "all about you" for a change.  Why does everyone try to make you fat for your birthday?  Some of the goodies I got for my birthday:

Huge delicious cupcake from work

Cake my cousin made using 4 sticks of butter

Fat Free Angel Food Cake with cool whip pudding frosting
Candy from my boss
 I ate the cupcake Friday.  I indulged in a slice of my cousins cake on Saturday which was delicious but I wisely didn't take any leftovers home!  I had a slice of my moms cake Sunday night and did take some home.  I ate 1 serving of gummy bears Monday (12) and put the rest away!

On to running news:  I had the Cupids Chase 5k on Saturday which was my actual birthday.  My original goal was to PR it, which means I needed below a 27:55 (or 8:59 pace).  Kelly from Running Kellometers was going to help me.  Long story short...it didn't happen.  I knew about a mile in that I wasn't going to get it.  Many factors may have contributed to it:  snowed the day before and course wasn't plowed in all spots, it was freezing cold out, my calf injury put my speed training for it on hold.  All in all, my lungs felt like they were going to die!!  Throughout the run, I kept apologizing to Kelly for me being too slow!  She was trying to help me but I felt that I was letting her down!  And even though I know that's not really the case, and Kelly will probably give me crap for saying it, I was slightly disappointed in myself.  And actually, when I got that PR for that 5k, I was thinner than I am now, and I know that is having an effect on my running!  But I let that go immediately after and tried to enjoy the "after run" while watching Genevieve PR her 5k and then had breakfast with the girls: Kelly, Genevieve and Maggie (from Mag Mile Runner).

Kelly and I after the run
Kelly and I finishing
 (I'm the one that looks like I might die. Kelly is the one that looks like she can run 10 more miles)

Me, Kelly, Genevieve and Maggie before the run
 And of course we were also doing a virtual run for Sherry Arnold who was abducted during a morning run.  We wore the bibs for her on our backs in her memory.

Virtual run for Sherry - also our good side
Since I didn't do my long run Saturday due to my 5k run, I had to do it on Sunday.  Luckily I found two people from my F'N Runners run group that needed to do long runs also and I was able to knock out the 12 miles.  It was a cold and windy morning, which kept many runners away from running outdoors, but I'm glad I went as it really didn't seem as bad as I thought. 

There is one problem that I seem to have with this winter running:  How to dress for the weather.  Now, I definitely picked the right year to train for a spring marathon as this winter has been remarkably warm!  But over the weekend, when the temps were in the teens with wind chills in the single digits, I bundle up too much!  I constantly find myself over dressed for running this winter!  And that's because I hate to be cold and when I step out for the run, I'm cold!  I know you are supposed to dress for temps that are like, I don't know, 15-20 degrees warmer than they really are or something along those lines.  And generally, I layer up and will just tie the sweater around my waist as I get warmed up.  How do you guys handle dressing for winter runs? 


  1. You weren't letting me down! I was disappointed in myself thinking I failed you as a pace leader! We went out too fast for the first mile. Now I know what do to next time. And its not like this is a marathon. There are plenty of 5ks in the proverbial sea! We will get it in 2012; you can count on it! :)

    1. No definitely did not fail as a pace leader Kelly! Too many things going on in this one and it wasn't meant to be!! I'll work on speed a little and get it in a few months!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! And don't beat yourself up about the race - Saturday morning was a tough morning to run! My face is still burned from running that day (from the wind and sun). You did great!

    I am a really warm runner, so I dress minimally in the winter. When it was 10 on Saturday (and felt like -8) I wore compression socks, tights, capris over the tights, under armour cold gear top, a windbreaker with hood, two pairs of cheapo gloves from target, and my under armour hood.

    1. Thanks! Part of my problem is, I don't have the best running clothing...they can get expensive so I only have a few good pieces!!

  3. At the start of my run on Sunday, I felt like I was overdressed. I'm so used to running at night, or it being overcast on the weekends, that it's hard to figure out what to wear when it's sunny out! Also I have a lot of running clothes, but most of it is from Target, Old Navy, clearance racks, outlet stores or places like TJ Maxx. The only stuff I pony up the big bucks for is running shoes and sports bras.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Amanda!! I try to run/walk outside every day. I found that on days that its around 20 or below, I wear tights under my sweat pants. I also wear a long sleeve shirt that wicks away sweat, and I found a jacket at a thrift store that is super wind resistant.

    I am usually only cold the first 5 minutes, then I am fine. I am with you - I weigh 161 and I was able to run 2.5 miles in 25 minutes yesterday. I was thinking while I was running "I wonder how much faster I'll be at 140!"