Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Goal Changes

The title of my blog has really been bothering me.  When I started the blog, the title meant "getting to my weight goal" since I had been struggling with losing the same 10 lbs for a year!  It worked!  I made my goal!

So after that...my new goal was the marathon!  For about 10 months, the title of my blog was "Get to Goal - 2011 Chicago Marathon".  Well, that's over.  I finished.  By the way, look what I got in my email!

That's right!  It's really official now!

What I want to do is get some sort of frame and put my bib, medal, picture and possible this certificate (although that might just go in a scrap book of some kind).  But I'm not a crafty person so I hope to get on this soon!

Back to the title of my post.  I could continue to try to get back down to my weight goal, since I put on a few pounds.  I could count down to my next marathon, but I haven't made that official yet so I don't want to do that. 

I don't know what goal I'm trying to get to now! 

I know some people completely change their entire blog and restart completely over.  I don't want to do that either!  I guess I just have to get my mindset right. I need to figure out the next important step in my life!  Maybe "Get to Goal - finding the perfect husband!"  lol! 

I am also rethinking doing a Triathlon this coming year.  It's something I really want to do but the other thing I really want to do is two marathons. I think with the training for the marathons, I won't be properly trained for a triathlon.  But I'll continue to think about it.  If I don't do the triathlon in 2012, maybe 2013.

Switching gears.  My new trainer, Jordan, is not a runner.  In fact, on the last training day with Mike, she was observing and said "I don't like to run."  Yesterday, after mentioning my hilly 6 miles last weekend and my upcoming hilly 4 mile turkey trot, she said she wanted to do a 5k but has never done one and is a little nervous (she then said she did run a little but not since starting at this gym).  She said she didn't want to do a 5k alone.  I told her I would do one with her.  She seemed excited and actually wanted to know about the upcoming 5k I was thinking about doing on December 18th.  I told her I would give her the info.  My only issue is that I was thinking of trying to PR.  But if she signed up, I would be running with her.  So I might not be going for a PR then.  Although, she might actually be a fast runner and I could still PR!

I just thought it was ironic and kind of nice to be helping my trainer with something instead of the other way around!  We will see if she actually signs up for her very first 5k!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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  1. Anonymous11/23/2011

    Make sure to look for me and Becca at the Turkey Trot!! :)

  2. Damn missed this until now! Sorry Courtney!