Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Hi my fellow blogger friends?  Did you miss me?  No need to answer, I know you did!!

First, let me share a new running blog with you.  My friend Kelly started a new running blog!  Check it out here and show her some support!  You may remember Kelly from this post.  Hope she didn't mind me posting that!  Too late now!  I met Kelly at the start of my marathon training group.  We were both first time marathon runners.  She's definitely not new to running.  And it's been great getting to know and run with her.  I've said it before, running friends are awesome!

Now for vacation talk.  Have you ever been on a cruise?  This was my first time being on a cruise.  It's a strange feeling not having anywhere to go. You are stuck!  It was fun though.  It went out of Long Beach, CA and we sailed to Catalina and Ensenada.  We didn't have my time on Catalina.  My friend Wayne and I decided to spend it zip lining!  I've always wanted to do this and now was the opportunity!

Wayne and I
Me zip lining!!
We had a great time!  We were nervous at first.  Wayne was nervous because he was afraid of heights.  I was nervous because there is actually SO MUCH you have to know in order to go zip lining!  Things to do and not to do!  But I didn't mess up and we lived to write about it! And we got to bring our cameras which is how we got these wonderful pictures!

Ensenada could have been better.  There wasn't much to do.  We did a little sightseeing and more drinking (lol). 

I did manage to work out twice on the ship.  Yes, I'm one of those crazy workout freaks dedicated workout people that works out on vacation.  One day I ran 3 miles on the track at the top of the ship.  I hate running in circles but with the gorgeous day and the fantastic view, there was no way I was heading to the gym!

The running track (around a mini golf course)
The view I had while running!!
I mean seriously!  Could the view be any better?

On Thursday I did manage to go to the gym.  This is a picture of the view that you get on the treadmills.

Also not a bad view!

Here are a few more random vacation pictures.

The cruise ship
The entire group.  We went for a wedding of my friends cousin.
So, that's the vacation in a very small nutshell!  Eating, drinking...more eating...more drinking.  Do you see a theme?

With that said, I really need to get back to the healthier eating!  I've definitely gained some weight and I feel it!  I can't use the marathon excuse anymore!  So I've got to hit the bricks!  It's just so hard to get back into it when you have fallen so far off the deep end!  lol

I also ran a couple of runs since you saw me last.  The first was the hot chocolate 5k.  Due to an incident, the course was rerouted at the last minute.  The results came in and my time was 29:49. I was NOT too thrilled but chalked it up to a few factors:  it was very crowded and I hadn't run much since the marathon due to my ankle.  Later, I came to find out the course turned out to be 3.25 miles instead of 3.1.  So they estimated our 5k results and my estimated 5k time turned out to be 28:26.  Better but not a PR.

Then I ran a 5k in my neighborhood.  The Tinley Park 5k.  This was a run that I PR'd in last year (which is my current PR of 27:55).  I had my heart all set on earning a new PR!  Well, they changed the course, it was super windy, etc.  Needless to say, I did NOT PR.  I was extremely upset.  I gave that run all I had but only mustered a 28:19.  Sigh! 

So, my new goal is to PR at a 5k!  lol.  I'm going to sign up for a run in December although I'm unsure which one. 

Hope you all have been having a fantastic November.  I can't believe it's almost over and Thanksgiving is next week already!


  1. Of course I didn't mind being mentioned in a previous post. Thanks for the shout-out for my new blog! Still working out some of the kinks but it will be my new thing! :)

  2. Of course we missed you! Great pictures Amanda! Heading on over to say hello to Kelly!