Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Injuries and Goals


First of all, let me say I've been a little uninspired!  I think it's a normal feeling to have after training for such a huge goal as a marathon and then it's over and, then what?  So I'm trying to get my mojo back.  Let's just say it's difficult right now because I've banned myself from running for a little while. 

I've had a pesky sore ankle since about 2 weeks before the marathon (which makes it now about 4 weeks).  It doesn't hurt all the time and it's not even a major pain.  It really doesn't hurt when I run but that doesn't really mean anything.  So, I've taken the advice of my trainer and decided to give it a rest.  It's been about 1 week since I've run (although I only ran 1 mile and 2 miles last week).  I'll give it a rest through this week and see how it feels.  I really don't want to stay away from running though and may take it back up next week.

I've toyed with the idea of going to the doctor but that's no fun!  lol.  Actually, I really do think it's just minor and needs rest.  So going to the doctor would be a waste of time, in my opinion.  But I may consider it if it doesn't seem to get better or gets worse. 

I did call the injury prevention and rehabilitation number that we had through our running group, so I'm just waiting for a call back from them.

Another injury?  That pesky IT band.  Can we just get rid of that?  Do we need it?  Anyway, my knee was hurting and after telling my trainer and mentioned where it hurt, he said it was the IT.  First of all, I didn't realize that that knee pain could be IT related!  So we did some stretching for it.  You may find me occasionally sitting on the floor at work stretching it!  I hope no one sees me!  Haha!


Other than that, I have some pretty lofty goals for next year.  I want to try to do two different marathons.  I was thinking of doing one in late April/beginning of May.  Then another in October (most likely Chicago again).  I also want to try a triathlon.  I'm undecided if I should do a sprint one or regular one.  The biking part is what gets me.  But I will check out all triathlons and see what the dates are and decide which works best with my schedule and go from there. 

Combine all of this with the Warrior Dash in June and a few half marathons sprinkled in...it's looking pretty busy.  I will keep you all informed on how my schedule ends up looking.


  1. If you are looking for a spring marathon the best one close to Chicago is the Wisconsin marathon in Kenosha the first weekend in May. I believe it's May 5th next year. It's close, inexpensive and they have flushing port a pots. You can't beat that. The course is nice. The parking is easy. There are beer and brats after wards.

  2. I think those are good goals for next year! That's a whole lot of training! My only suggestion is to start with a sprint because, just like with running, they don't recommend starting with a marathon but a 5k or 10k.

  3. Good suggestion Mallory.

    Thanks for the marathon suggestion. I'll put it on the list of possibilities. There is one at U of I end of April that some of my running group wants to do, so if I did that, I would know people there. I'm just concerned if the course is boring? Middle of nowhere (except the college campus). There is another one in Cincinnati, OH that I know some people are running at. But then there is the travel aspect. I'll think about it all.

  4. Yep, I've done the triathlon in Pleasant Prairie, WI - it was a sprint one - 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike ride and 5k - it was a lot of fun, but I am a horrible swimmer - my husband was so happy to see me get out of the water!

    Sorry about your injuries, but I think your goal planning will get your mojo back!