Friday, August 5, 2011

T-64!! Plus WI Results

What!?!  I can't believe I only have 64 days until the Chicago Marathon.  My very first ever full marathon!  In fact, I'm exactly half way through my training program, 9 weeks down and 9 weeks to go!  I am actually getting really excited!  I was terrified when I started the training program.  T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D! 

Now, not so much!  Sure, I'm still worried about actually making it through all 26.2 (don't forget that miserable 0.2 at the end!) miles, fear of the unknown is the worse!! But the training is going so well!  I have my off run days where just 1 mile feels like torture!  But I have other days when I feel like I can breeze right through 10-12 miles! 

The Chicago Rock N' Roll Half Marathon is next Sunday.  I have a wedding the day before (not too excited about that!!) but I'll be leaving early since I will ONLY know the bride!  I will tell you though, I am planning on meeting my future husband there!  Just sayin'...  Anyway, I'll try to get to bed as early as possible.  The half starts at 6:30 a.m.!!  Which means I have to get up at like 4:30 a.m.!!  And I'm leaving for Atlanta for work for those classes that evening!! 

I'm not really looking forward to the food I may eat that week.  I will try to be good but we will be provided with food for breakfast, lunch and a snack and then have to get our own dinner.  I will try to eat the healthiest options possible.  I don't want to blow my progress I've been making this past month.  I actually feel like I'm going in the right direction for a change!

Ok, let's get to my week of food.  It was an "off" week to say the least.  I did track every single point though.  I just felt hungrier than usual!  We all have those weeks!  So I gained 1 lb.  I'm not really worried about that gain though.  I lost almost 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks and I think it's my body's weigh of holding on to things.  We will see after next week.  By the way, I'm not planning on blowing ALL of my weekly points in the first two days this time!

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys about my new workout!  On Sunday, I borrowed my cousin's bike (because I needed to get air in my tires) and decided to try bike riding.  Now let me start out by saying, my cousin and I tried bike riding for exercise a few years ago.  This type of exercise was SO HARD for me!  I would go two miles and be dying!  Yet I could run half marathons!  Perplexing!

So, when I grabbed the bike (and my garmin to use for something other than running for a change!), I headed out for 6 miles!  I ended up doing 16 miles!  I went 8 miles out.  I wanted to go 10 miles out and 10 back for 20 total but since it was my first time doing this, I decided to play it safe!  So I went 8 miles out and 8 miles back!  I was riding the bike for about 1 hour and 20 mins!  It was fun!  So I will be trying to incorporate this exercise in my schedule.  It's actually a good cross-training exercise on my "rest" days from running!


  1. Great job on the bike! I definitely enjoy biking as well. It's a nice break from running.

  2. I wouldn't worry about the 1 pound either - just gotta keep looking at the big picture.

    It amazes me how different exercises affect me in different ways - last week I did the stairmaster for 25 minutes and I was huffing and puffing, yet I can run and bike ride without feeling so winded. Swimming is harder for me too - crazy!

  3. Great job on the bike...
    Don't dwell so much on the actual "weight" loss or gain. Focus on training and eating healthy. The numbers will show the work you put in...
    Less than 2 months, keep it up.
    Good luck this weekend. Stay hydrated...Wedding, half marathon and oout of state travel within 48 hrs (thats a mini marathon in itself) :-)