Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hey there!  How's the blogger world?  Seems I'm only able to post about once a week right now with the hectic August schedule I've got going on right now.  Probably fine as I'm at a loss for words anyway!

I had my friend's daughter's dedication last weekend (for those unfamiliar, it's like a Christening).  Anyway, I wore my new dress.  And even wore a little makeup!  The results?...  How about a before and after picture?


Around Summer 2007.  I think I had lost around 20 lbs so it's not a true before picture.  But it's bad enough!!

Whoa?  Where's Mandy?
  I clean up well!  Actually, its weird for me to look at a picture of myself and say "Hm, I look pretty nice in this picture!"  For years and years, I hated every photo taken of me! 

But even still, I look at this picture and, even though I know I look nice, I see the flaws.  I see the wrinkles in the dress because I had already been in the dress for 5 hours.  I see that my face looks shiny, maybe because my car has no air and it was hot out.  I see that it looks a little bunched at the waist and I should have pulled it down a little bit!

Funny, how we notice the little negative things when NO ONE else would notice that.  In fact, I've been getting a lot of compliments on this picture!  And it is SO HARD for me to take compliments.  But it's nice to hear and so I accept them now and just say "Thank you!" 

And I've been getting compliments from my personal trainer Mike at the gym too!  Well, granted he is complimenting his work!  "Wow Amanda, your arms look great!"  or  "Wow Amanda, your back looks really good too!" 

Me: "I've been doing really good on my eating lately!"

Him:  "You can really tell!"

Oh that is so nice to hear!!  lol

But I have been trying pretty hard!  With an off eating day here or there, mostly I'm doing really well. 

I think what it is is that I know the marathon is now less than 2 months away!  I want to make sure my body is as healthy as it can be.  Which means I do NOT starve myself.  I eat a good mix of carbs and protein and fat.  On weight watchers, I always eat all my daily points and all my weekly points. 

Training is going well for the marathon.  I have a half marathon this weekend.  My trainer Mike is running with me the following weekend for my 16 mile long run.  That is the most miles I've done by almost 3 miles!  I can't do it with my group so I asked him and he said yes!  I think that should be lots of fun!  Oh who am I kidding, I'm going to be dying!  But I love the support!  Thanks Mike!

And yes, now comes the busy time.  I have a wedding Saturday night.  I have a half marathon Sunday with a start time of 6:30 am!  Then my flight for Atlanta for work is at 7:00 pm!  I'll be there until Thursday night.  Then next Saturday I'm having a yard sale!  So I'll be working hard moving boxes around!  And Sunday morning, 8-21, I'll have that 16 mile run!

Phew!  I'm pooped just thinking about it!  So, I'll let you know how all this craziness goes! 

Have a good weekend and a good next week!


  1. Michelle (Also on WW)8/11/2011

    Congratulations on all your success Amanda. You look great!! Good luck with that 16 mile run.

  2. I think you look fantastic and don't see ANY of the "flaws" you were talking about.

    Can't wait to hear about the half. Take pictures? :)

  3. I think you look amazing! I'm the same way though. I have a real hard time when people compliment me. I'm also trying new outfits/dresses and I feel like I'm not small enough to be in these even though I'm 162/163. I find every flaw there is. We need to be kinder to ourselves like we would be to someone else we don't know. Easier said than done. You do look great though!

  4. Wow...AMAZING transformation! Be proud of all you have accomplished! Good luck with everything!!!

  5. Love the dress, Amanda! Awesome. P.S. You were part of my imaginary running group yesterday. Curious? Check out my post from yesterday.

  6. You look awesome! Never saw the before picture but you really have come a long way! So happy for you!!