Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two Days!

I've had two days of continuous tracking on the new weight watchers points system! I can't tell you how good it feels!

Also, since I resigned up for the monthly pass, I have e-tools again. And I have since started tracking online (I was a paper tracker before).

When you know a points system inside and out...tracking on paper isn't so hard at all! Give me a food and I'll tell you the points!

But with the new system, I found it challenging not to have access to the weight watchers e-tools to help provide me with the point values. I knew nothing of the new points+ system and it was becoming challenging just to figure out what to eat, so I gave up!

But the e-tools tracker is so helpful! I know that's why I've tracked for the last two days (and today is day 3).

And the comments I received from you all on my Tuesday post was really helpful. I can't compare the old points system with the new points+ system. They are totally different. And I get more daily points and more weekly points to use. I love the new system by the way. It just takes a little getting used to.

And I'm so inspired by all of you! I've seen so many of you go full force into the new program, or even rejoin after not doing the plan for a little while! It takes guts and courage to go into something new! It's so easy to give up! But where would that take me. No where good, I know!

I'm also have a "house guest" Matt coming in this weekend. So I needed to clean my house. Therefore, there was no planned exercise yesterday. Just 40 total minutes of walking. Then I cleaned for over 2 hours! Really I cleaned for almost 3! I started around 8 and finished at 11. I was watching TV from 8-9 and was getting distracted though so from 9-11, I turned on the music and hit it! Wow! I haven't seen my house so clean! And it's still not done.

See, I'm pretty messy when I feel there is no one to clean for. Otherwise, I can be neat and orderly! So since there hasn't been anyone to clean for for a gets out of control. But I love when my house is clean! It feels so good!

And my butt is sore today! LOL, must be from all the bending over while cleaning!

I have to finish up tonight though, but I'm hitting the gym for a quick 35 minutes speed interval running first. Then I have to do laundry, run to the store and finish cleaning! Going to be a busy night for me!


  1. Keep up the pace you are at and I'm sure you'll be at goal in no time! have a great weekend!

  2. Can you come clean my house now? I could sure use it! LOL! Glad you are back in the swing of things. The holidays can really mess us up! Have fun with Matt this weekend!!!!