Monday, January 3, 2011

Recommitted 2011

How was your New Years? My was pretty good. It's nice to have a three day weekend from work. For New Years Eve, I spent the night with my cousin and her family. I'm never the "going out to a bar" type for New Years. Too many crazy people on the roads. I'd rather spend it with crazy people at home!

With TOM and endless eating, my stomach has been feeling none too good! I tried recommitting last week to eating better. I tried recommitting on January 1st. I haven't had much success with either. So, third times a charm, right? I'm recommitting today.

Actually, I stepped on the scale the last few days and think it's broken. I saw a number I haven't seen in a very long time! Time for a new scale I guess!

No, no! With TOM, large amounts of sodium, and not enough water...I'm sure that number is inflated somewhat. But it's still too high.

So, what am I going to do about it? Well, resign up for the weight watchers monthly pass, of course. It's either that or not go to the meetings because I don't want to pay since I'm over goal. But that wouldn't solve anything. It would just make it worse. I think I will have a new focus if I resign up, at least until I get back down to my goal.

I've used my garmin twice now. I love it! I've only used one very basic feature, the time/distance feature. It's so fantastic! I can't wait to get into some serious running training in a few months to really see what it can do!

I'm also done my "100 days challenge" the last two days. I added a tab at the top of my page to keep track of the days and activity that is being done. If you would like to participate in the 100 days challenge, see my previous post. I think it's a great way to not slack on "off days".


  1. I'm so glad that the holidays are over. Seemed like we had an endless supply of sweets/cookies/candy! I found it hard to not have SOMETHING every day! I don't want to get started on that habit again! AAAAHHH!

    Anyway, I'm with ya on recommitting. My WW meeting is on Wednesday and frankly, I'm a little scared to get on that scale! It's been a looooong time since I've seen any numbers! Eeek!

  2. Good luck! Eating healthfully during the holidays is a major challenge... I'm looking forward to eating more healthfully as well now that we're moving on from New Years. I've also started the 100 day challenge and have been successful for 3 days straight now. Only 97 more to go :)

  3. Girl, we're right there with ya. Just got back from Christmas vacation in Florida visiting my mom. I did well at first but lost it at the end, especially the last two days spent in the car driving home.

    The really great things is we know what to do and have all the tools we need to turn it around. Taking the first step and admitting we're slipping is hard but much easier for me knowing I have the support of you and my other blogging friends.