Thursday, September 30, 2010


I thought I would just post quickly since, again, I have been MIA.

My eating has had it's ups and downs. Did ok on Saturday, not so good at a party on Sunday, did great on Monday and Tuesday and binged on Chocolate and Cookies on Wednesday!

But I will say that on Saturday, I chose to stray slightly from the plan during lunch. I went to my parents restaurant with my cousin's for lunch. I was undecided on what to order. My parent's restaurant isn't exactly the healthiest place to go. There are a few things I get there that are "less" bad.

However, what I really wanted was a reuben! The reuben sandwiches there are the best I've ever eaten! In case you are not familiar, it's rye bread with corned beef & sauerkraut, swiss cheese and 1000 island dressing too.

I was torn! Do I spend a lot of points on something that is good but not what I really want? My cousin, always the genius she is, said that if I was going to spend points, I might as well have something that I truly will enjoy! Genius!

So I did. I got the reuben! I don't like the dressing so I skipped that. I also got it without the butter on the bread that they use to grill it. That made me feel better :p It was delicious!

And what better way then to top it off with some of their delicious ice cream! It's a premium ice cream and WAY high in calories and fat! So I had 1 scoop of the newer flavor Tiramisu! Yummy! Now that's a way to spend some points!

So I'm back in business today.

On another note, I have a phone call scheduled for later tonight with a new date. I've only emailed him so far and never met in person yet. We were set up. One of my cousins and his mom work together. Talk about matchmakers! And I really hate being set up. So we will see how this goes.

We will be speaking for the first time today and a potential date is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday night (yes, we are taking things soooooooo sloooooooooowly!) lol. I'm kind of nervous. I'm not a huge dater! And haven't dated all too much while losing weight! I just felt like I needed to take care of me first, then do the dating thing. But I SO hate the "dating thing!" To be continued...

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  1. Anonymous9/30/2010

    Ice cream from Gertie's is 0 points because it is awesome, that is all.

  2. lol. Who posted this comment?? Nick?? Dad? I'm guessing it was Nick! Man up! Whose reading my blog and not fessing up to it?

  3. Anonymous9/30/2010

    I know dating can be scary but sometimes it ends up being worth it. I can't wait to hear about it on our run next week!

  4. Hey Amanda,

    Thanks for stopping by and giving me some advice. You're absolutely right.

    As for dating, I think that it is great to take things slowly. Why rush into it? Blind dates can be an awkward nightmare if there is no chemistry. Getting to know each other a little first is ideal. Have you checked out his Facebook profile? (sneaky! :)

    I hope the phone call goes well and that your date on Tuesday becomes firmly scheduled :)

  5. Sounds like you are in a good place in your life. Dating can also be taking care of you, the you on the inside. How wonderful!

  6. Anonymous10/01/2010

    "Ice cream from Gertie's is 0 points because it is awesome, that is all. " I'm with this guy. Nick