Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

Can you believe it's Monday already? I can't! The weekends always go by way to quickly for me!


I had the written exam for the job in the morning. I was taking it for two separate positions: "Senior Legal Assistant" and "Legal Assistant". I qualified to take both and I wasn't going to pass it up! I would take either position if I was offered it. I think I did pretty well. I won't have the results for 5-6 weeks though.

Afterward, I ate a quick lunch, picked up my city sticker (said goodbye to $25), then went clothes shopping with my cousin. I don't like shopping. Maybe it stems from not being able to find clothes that fit me before. I'm not sure. I just know that I don't like spending money and I also get really cranky after about 1/2 hour! My poor cousin!

She is the shopper so I bring her along and she forces me to try on things I may not have otherwise. And she loves to spend my money!! :)

I bought some cute stuff! A t-shirt, a cute printed shirt, a purple shirt with rouging down the front for work (so cute!), a pair of shorts, and a strapless dress. A what!?! Yes, a strapless dress! I don't usually wear dresses but I wanted something to wear of vacation. When my cousin wanted me to try on strapless, I told her "no-way!" My boobs are too big and saggy (I know, too much info), but she insisted.

I actually thought it flattered my shape very well! I thought it was too dressy but she said it could go either way. I could wear it with flip flops or dressy shoes. So I bought it! Then we had to go shopping for a strapless bra! Grrrr, I hate bra-shopping. But I got measured and I was about the size I thought I was! And I found a bra that fit! Yay!

My mom was so excited on Sunday when she saw the dress that she made me put it on and pose for pictures! Yes, she made me do it! See, told you, she never sees me in dresses! lol

So here is that "before" picture again (although it was after I lost about 25 lbs, so not a true before). And here is the red dress pictures. Sorry for the tan lines and for the horrible hair. I hadn't done my hair after taking a shower after the gym!

What do you think? I'm kind of self conscious but I need to break out of my shell so I'm determined to wear it at some point on vacation.

When we got home, we were exhausted. We didn't want to go buy food to cook for dinner so we were ordering out. I'd never been where they were ordering from, so I checked out the menu online. I decided on a "Chicken Breast Plate." It continued charbroiled chicken breast (you could get it marinated, BBQ, or Cajun). I chose BBQ'd. It came with a choice of potato (I chose baked), a side of grilled veggies and a french roll.

I ate the whole chicken breast (about 4 oz.), 1/2 the potato with with 1 oz. sour cream, all the veggies, 1/2 the roll with 1/2 of the little square of butter. So delicious! And so much healthier than what the others ordered! I was so happy with my decision!

My cousin is not happy with her weight. She just had a baby but she has struggled with her weight prior as well. Since she was venting to me about it, I decided to ask her if she wanted to go for a short walk after dinner. We were only supposed to go for about 15-20 mins but we ended up going for 50 minutes! Whoohoo! I think she was very happy. We made a pact that we would go walking once a week and decided on Thursdays.


Sunday started off with a different gym routine than normal. Our step instructor wasn't going to be there. I convinced my mom to try the spin class that's an hour earlier than the step class. It's always nice to do something different. I don't burn as many calories on the bike though. I burned about 300. After that, we went to the step class being taught by someone else. I really didn't like him at all! He is so boring and doesn't have a good flow. My mom doesn't like to leave in the middle of the class because she feels bad so we stayed. I burned another 300 calories.

I snacked too much during the day. I was pretty discouraged about that but I vowed to track EVERYTHING! And I did. That made me feel so much better!

At night my nephew Tony called me and said an old friend was coming to my parent's restaurant. This person is my nephew's godfather. I haven't seen him since probably 2001 (at my grandfather's funeral). I've known him (we will call him V.) since I was about 3 years old! He used to be my brother's best friend! They had a falling out and that was that! But my nephew recently contacted him and that's how he decided to come to the restaurant.

It was so good to see him! I always like him! Really nice guy to me and my family. His wife and 2 children came with him. It was a good way to end the evening.

Today, I'm thinking I might skip the gym and clean my house after work! I mean, deep clean my messy messy house! Let's see if I can get it done!


  1. Anonymous6/28/2010

    I love the red dress! It looks beautiful on you!

    OMG, my tan lines still are so distracting and its been almost a month!

    I bought my ravioli maker on Amazon - hopefully this like will work:

    Did you interview for a legal assistant in Chicago? I am a legal assistant but work in the suburbs, but I started out at Clausen Miller, then went to Katten Muchin, then to Shoefsky & Froelich on Michigan Avenue. It seems like a lot of jobs, but that was over a 22 year period!

  2. Biz - the job was for the Water Reclamation District. A co-worker's husband workers for them and saw those postings and thought of me. I'm very frustrated at my job right now and would love to get out.

    I do work downtown right now at a Property Tax Firm. Any job openings at your place? :)

    I've just been at law firms since 2003/2004 so not too long. But I'm a good employee and quick learner!

  3. I get self concious too. Don't worry find someplace great on vacation, where it and have fun!

  4. Anonymous6/28/2010

    Our firm, while large for a suburban firm (17 attorneys) hasn't hired any legal assistants since I was hired - almost 5 years ago!

    Too bad, we could be work out buddies!

  5. LOL @ your "girls" info! Which is not true, by the way! You look ABSOLUTELY fabulous! That dress is soooo cute!

  6. LOVE YOU IN THE STRAPLESS RED!! (she shouts :))

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Too bad Biz! Would love a workout buddy!!

  8. WOW!!!!! amanda!! you look absolutely amazing. i love that dress! super adorable....and no room for a "shell" :-)