Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stressed with a capital S!

I am so stressed. It's not even food related but food becomes a factor. Part of this post may be TMI so read at your own discretion.

It's that "time" of the month. So I am already in an irritable mood because of this. And I'm also eating because of this. I ate like half a loaf of bread yesterday! Ok, maybe not 1/2 of the loaf but it was a lot! And I knew I shouldn't eat it. Every time I got up to eat it, I knew I should stay seated. I even tried to keep busy (cleaning). So because of that "time", I'm eating more, which causes me more stress.

Today, I'm stressed and frustrated with work! And because of that, I'm stress eating mini tootsie rolls!! I'm so frustrated with some of the office politics here that I'm ready to give my notice when I get back from vacation. Seriously! I was thinking I will work at CVS or something part time and get a new legal job! So, I'm stressed because of that.

The only saving grace is that I'm going to work out tonight. That always gets my mind off of other things. It helps relieve my stress. I love to work out when I'm feeling this way!

Do you work out when you are stressed? Does it help you?

What are some options you use when you are stress-eating or emotionally eating?


  1. Right now I am losing my mind with stress, it has been one thing after another. Ususally I work out but I can't even bring myself to do that. Hopefully I'll get myself to do it. I always feel better when I do.

  2. ok....so you are so obviously "there"...working out tonight is your "saving grace"....the consolation to a terrible stressful time?? wow. that says so much. way more than eating too much bread (*yum...bread*)

  3. Anonymous7/01/2010

    Yep, sometimes when I am stressed I reach for food, but I try to do something else - like fold laundry or something like that.

    Sorry work sucks! :(