Thursday, June 24, 2010


Wet, hot, cool, heavy, light, tired, energetic, scattered. What do these words all have in common? Me! This is the way I've felt lately. I'm all over the place. I can't contain my thoughts or actions! I've thought about posting on my blog the last two days but never gathered my thoughts!

And today's post is just about some general ramblings. What's going on with wise, exercise wise, family wise, and job wise.


Uh, well, what can I say. I have to eat, right!?! No, I haven't been tracking. The week started out with some random binges on stupid stuff. I'm trying to curb that these last few end days of the week. I need to gain control!

I did make a bean salad. I just threw together rinsed black beans, navy beans, chopped onion, chopped green bell pepper, quartered grape tomatoes, 1 TBSP olive oil, 1 TBSP rice wine vinegar. Yummy! I should do that more often!

I also made another batch of fruit salad. Cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple, green grapes, raspberries, blackberries. Delicious! I should do THIS more often too!


I've been doing ok with the exercise.
Sunday, I ran in the city for 5.5 miles.

Monday, Alzheimer's is kicking in, I can't remember...Oh yeah, I rode my stationary bike for 40 mins at home.

Tuesday, I ran another 5.5 miles (the heat was horrible, about 90 that day!) And I walked to and from the train which is at least a mile each way (for a total of about 32 mins)

Wednesday, walked to and from train again, 32 mins. Did about 15 mins of hand weights and abs at home (I'm getting lazy and don't want to go to the gym!)

Thursday, today, planning this out. May opt for a 4 mile run. I'm going to park about 2 miles away from my parents restaurant, run there, see my nephew who got in town a couple days ago, then run back to my car! Sounds like a plan. (And 32 mins with "train walking")

Friday, tomorrow, will be my normal Friday routine. 1 hour kickboxing class followed by 1 hour weights, legs, abs class. I love Friday's!

**Note, one of my June goals was to get at least 15 mins of exercise in every day. So far, that has been working out wonderfully! Now, the rest of my June goals? Never mind.


I already mentioned that my 15 year old nephew came in from Ohio a few days ago. We have had plans to get together but they have not panned out. I'm anxious to see him and he is anxious to see me! He grew up with me around and two years ago, he moved to Ohio. It was hard on both of us and I have always offered for him to come live with me (my brother is not the most stable person around) but he doesn't want to leave my brother. I understand.

And Tony (my nephew) and I are going on vacation in July. We are going to Los Angeles. We are going to see a Cubs game at the Dodgers Stadium and also going to Six Flags. Other than that, we are just site-seeing, hiking, swimming, etc. I'm trying to figure out where to stay but I'm not familiar with the area at all. Anyone been there that can help me out? Trying not to pay a fortune and would like to keep it to mid-$100's.


A girl at work is quitting. We are already super busy and she gave 5 days notice. She leaves right before another girl goes on vacation and after her, it's my vacation! Not good timing. Our office is very small and this is going to be tough. I would actually like to get a new job...I'm a legal assistant/paralegal.

But I do have a written test for a job this Saturday. It's for the County for legal positions. This would be so sweeeeeet!!!!

Well, that's all for my ramblings for today. Oh, wait! No it's not!

I'm thinking I might just do a drop-in weigh in tomorrow before work as opposed to my normal Saturday weigh in. I'd have to go to the 7:30 meeting on Saturday before that test if I wanted to go. I don't want to skip because I find that weighing in really helps me stay on track. And I may skip a week around vacation too. So wish me luck! Please lose 0.4 lbs and get back within my goal range! lol. I'm not so sure though. I haven't been the "angel" weight watcher I know I should be!


  1. Anonymous6/24/2010

    Here is my BSI page that explains the weekly recipe contest.

    I didn't originally start it - it was going strong for about 3 months and just stopped. So after a month a brought it back in January of 2009.

    I like it because it challenges me to use ingredients I either have never used before, or didn't like.

    Here is a perfect example - I hate sweet potatoes, but that was the weekly ingredient. Guess what? I came up with sweet potato pillows in a roasted red pepper sauce that turned out amazing!

  2. Thanks Biz! I'll check it out. I hate sweet potatoes too but maybe I'll try the recipe.

  3. You are doing good on exercise, I like the just get 15 minutes in every day!

    Can't help you out with the hotel, maybe you have some readers from that area that can help out. I am in Northern CA.

    Have a good time and good luck with weighing in.

  4. Hey, Amanda! You're doing great getting in the activity. Good for you! I've been sidelined by the surgeon from skating and running for a month. Gonna have to figure another way. The activity is a large part of maintaining my goal weight.

    Hey, I'm in the legal field as well. I'm a court transcriber, type transcripts at home. Before that, I was a legal secretary.

    Fruit salad sounds great!

    Your fruit salad sounds good. I have a bunch of fruit. I should make a salad! Watermelon, pineapple, blueberries, cherries, apples, oranges. Ooh, maybe breakfast tomorrow.

    Good luck with your weigh-in!