Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June Goals & Droid Fun!

June is among us! Wow, this year is flying by! In honor of the month of June and in honor me not getting to goal...yet, I've decided to make some June Goals. I will try my best to follow these goals and report back at the end of the month. These are not perfect goals but whose perfect!

June Goals
1. Max of 12 oz. of diet soda in one day
2. Workout in some form every day (even if for only 15 mins)
3. No splenda in morning tea
4. No candy
5. Try one new recipe a week

Next order of business: My Droid phone. I got this phone around January/February. I never had internet on my phone or a cool phone or anything like that. Since I don't have internet at home, I decided to get it on my new phone. This Droid phone is the Android by HTC (Verizon). I downloaded an app a few months back and never did anything with it. I decided to play around with it yesterday. This was a free app, so it didn't cost me a dime!

The app I played with is "Calorie Counter." I don't count calories, fat, carbs, sugar, etc. I don't. I follow my WW points and try to follow the good health guidelines from that but that's it. This app is super cool though with minimal effort!

You add food for the day and it will track the calories, fat, fiber, carbs, sugar, protein! You can search for the food item (i.e. banana). Or you can scan the bar code! Yes, that's right! My phone will scan a bar code! I just want to scan everything!

So you can scan the bar code and if it recognizes it, it will pull up the item with all the nutritional information. Then you just change the serving size to what you ate. It's as easy and counting to 2! I've scanned several things so far (milk, strawberries, tea, etc) and the only thing it didn't find was an old marinade! They probably don't carry that marinade anymore. It recognizes so much stuff!

Can you tell I was excited! It also tracks the calories you burn for the day. Now I know this is not completely accurate. I know there are other factors involved besides your height and weight. But it still is a good tool to be able to use and to keep you accountable. It will tell you how many calories it thinks you burn for the hours you are asleep, for the "resting" hours (your normal day stuff) and for your exercise.

Then you can see how many calories it says you burned vs. how many calories you consumed! You can look at your weekly totals too. So much fun!

So for yesterday, my phone says I consumed 1,289 calories and burned 2,215 for the day with a total calorie deficit of 926! Whoohoo!

I did do pretty good yesterday with food and exercise. I didn't do any mindless snacking. I'm hoping to continue through the rest of the week!

Do any of you use any cool features or apps on your phones?

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