Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Please excuse me while I start with a topic not about grilling!

I bought a house last November. Prior to that, I lived in an apartment for 3 years. Prior to that, I lived with my parents. I moved out kind of late in life (they couldn't get rid of me)! I stayed as long as I did because of my nephew. He was born when I was 15 years old and I did a lot of stuff for him. As he got older, I felt responsible to make sure he was doing his homework and taking him to his guitar lessons or baseball/hockey practices, as well as his games. It was a lot. He was like my son, but without actually being my son! I loved it though. We were really close and had special things like our Saturday Subway lunches! lol.

But at the ripe old age of 27 (!), I decided I couldn't live with my brother at my parent's house any longer! It was time to go! A huge feeling of guilt came over me. I wanted to move close to still be there for my nephew. When I moved to the apartment, it was about a 15 minute drive from my parent's house. I still took him to his lessons and tried to call and make sure he was doing his homework. I felt it was my responsibility. If he didn't do his homework, I felt like I failed him! I felt that, if he didn't succeed, it was my fault.

Whoa! Where did this post come from! I meant to talk about grilling at my new house!! I'll wrap that prior topic up. A few years ago, my brother and nephew moved away from Chicago to Ohio. Well, that was the end of my feeling guilty! There was only so much I could do now! But my nephew is a smart and good kid. He is 15 now and has his drivers permit (AHHHHHHH!!). I'm very proud of him. He seems to make good choices for a 15 year old. We never really had any major problems with him thus far! I did good raising him!! lol.

So I moved to a house last year (thanks to the $8,000 first time home buyers tax credit)! This is my first summer there. I live alone with two cats. The previous owners were super nice and left a lot of stuff there (patio set, grill, top of the line stainless steel appliances!).

This is my first year with a grill all to myself. I'm starting to try grilling new things, not just meat and chicken. Last week it was corn on the cob! Can we just say...YUM!

Yesterday, I decided to try grilled pineapple. I've heard about this a lot. I thought it sounded interesting but never tried it. Well, when I cut up my pineapple over the weekend, I left 4 rings whole. Yesterday, I threw them on the grill! It was so good! I'm in love with grilled pineapple!

Have you grilled pineapple before? If not, I highly recommend it!

What is your favorite "non-conventional" (unconventional) thing to grill?


  1. Best. Aunt. Ever. :)

    I love to make naan (an Indian bread - kinda like pizza dough) on the grill. It's really easy and tastes amazing with the bit of char from the grill.

    Way to get your grill on, girlie!

  2. Grilled pineapple is the best thing ever! This summer I'm also enjoying some grilled watermelon and we even have grilled a few pizzas. I'm pretty much in love with my grill.

  3. SherRon, Grilled watermelon? Never heard of that! Wow!

    Thanks Marisa!