Saturday, June 5, 2010


No, I'm not talking about my favorite Hockey team, the Chicago Blackhawks! I'm talking about me! I lost 4.8 lbs this week. I think my 3 lb gain last week wasn't entirely all a gain. My body must have been doing funny things last week.

But this week? 160! My goal weight! My mouth just dropped open when I stepped on that scale (I don't own a scale at home).

I would like to thank all the little people! Just kidding. Seriously, the blogs I started reading before starting my own and all the people that comment on my blog now! You guys are a huge part in this accomplishment and I see such inspiration from all of you. So thank you!!

Now I have to wrap my head around maintenance. How do you do that when you have been in "losing mode" for the last 3 years? I need to switch my thinking.

So I'm definitely not at the end of my journey! Now the hard part starts!

And I would like to send a little shout out to my home Hockey team, the Chicago Blackhawks that are in the finals of the playoffs. It's tied 2 games each against the Philly's. I've been a Blackhawks fan since I was born! I would love for them to win the Stanley Cup! Now that I've blogged it, it has to come true!



  1. This is my first time here...but CONGRATS!

    That is truely amazing! I'm excited to look at your pictures since 160 is my goal weight. :)

  2. WHOO HOOO!!!!!! Amanda, congratulations! That's awesome! Knew you could do it! ISN'T IT A GREAT FEELING!

    If you can do that, you can do maintenance! This week (Thursday), I will be celebrating one year since I got to goal. Just keep doing what you're doing.

    Now, about that hockey team of yours... sorry to say, but being a Jersey girl all my life, 20 minutes outside of Philly....well, you get the picture. :) :) GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!

    Again, so so so so happy for your getting to goal. HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!

  3. AMANDA!!!!!!!! OMG, congrats!!! This just made my day! Totally doing the happy dance for you - how exciting that you MADE IT!!!! BIG, BIG HUGS!!!!!!

    Oh and I'm with Reen on the know, I'm a Philly girl :)

  4. Thanks everyone!!!!

    Reen and Marisa - I'm really sorry that the Hawks are going to beat the flyers!

  5. Anonymous6/07/2010

    WAY TO GO!! That's awesome!

  6. Congratulations!!! This must be an awesome feeling..I cannot wait to finally get to goal!

  7. Congrats on getting to goal!