Sunday, June 13, 2010

Everyone is entitled...

Everyone is entitled to an "off" day. And yesterday was mine. It wasn't intentional. And I kept trying to correct the "off" and continue making it "on". But it never quite happened.

I started out with my ww meeting (see yesterday's post). That went well and gave me new energy! I tracked my breakfast and ran father's day errands. Then snacked at my parents house. Seriously, I ate a little of this and a little of that. I think it was because I was really hungry at this point.

I went straight home instead of stopping at another store so I could eat dinner! I wanted to correct this "off" behavior! And I did. I had a wonderful dinner of turkey bratwurst, with grilled corn. Then I had some more snacking behavior!

I tried to correct THIS "off" behavior by going for a short run (granted it was 7:15 pm, but it's never too late!). I was jogging and after 10 mins, I got a huge cramp in my stomach. It was a different cramp than just a running cramp. I didn't know if it had to do with dinner but I ate over an hour ago! I walked a few minutes hoping the cramping would subside. I started running again and the cramping came right back. So I walked a lot of my run. I probably ran for 18 mins and walked for 10.

But it wasn't a normal workout day and I had already run twice that week which is a lot for me. I don't run much, usually 1 time a week. Anyway, I went home and tried out the Wii Personal Trainer game for my abs for 15 mins. It was just o.k. I got this free and never tried it before. At least I didn't spend money for it.

Then I was snacking again so I thought I would vacuum. Trying to correct this "off" behavior again! Well, my vacuum is a piece of s**t and after taking the whole thing apart, I didn't want to put it together. In the garbage it went and at 8:45 pm, I went off to Walmart for a new one! At 10:00 pm, I put together my new vacuum and vacuumed away! Now, my mistake was buying some ice cream at Walmart. Because for the rest of the night, I snacked on ice cream. Ugh!

Sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do. I stopped writing down my food, chalked it up to an "off" day. I guess the good this was constantly trying to correct the "off" behavior. That's a good sign. But I kept giving up.

I guess everyone is entitled to an OFF day, the key is not to let the "off" day be an "off" week! Today is fairing much better!

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  1. You're so right. Had one of those days myself. My problem time is at night when we settle down, when everything is done. Like a big neon light goes on that says SNACK TIME.

    Did get out for a run tonight. Tried to beat the rain. Ended up caught in thunder, lightening, and pouring pouring rain. That was fun. Thanks to good neighbors, I got a lift home.